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I am wondering …

why is it I feel like I have nothing to write when I have over 300 blog post drafts?

why did God give the Jews a lunar calendar?

what is the significance of the 12 standard years and 7 leap years of the 19 year Jewish calendar system?  Twelve and seven have a special meaning Scripturally, so this can’t be mere coincidence. 

how I’m going to catch the little stinker who’s doing this to my flowers:

Clearly he didn’t learn from the hot sauce spray from last year!  Now, it’s war.

what color to paint my nails?

if the soap pigments I want to order from Amazon will ever be back in stock?  I need that sky blue one!  Need. It!

why I can compose the most epic blog posts in my head as I’m falling asleep, but can’t remember them when I wake up?

if I should start a dedicated prayer/Bible study notebook, as opposed to just having a section in my current general purpose notebook?

How about you?  What’s on your mind today?

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13 thoughts on “Wondering

    1. I do!

      CCTV, ha! I know, right? I’m thinking I also need some good old fashioned arsenic or something. I have no love for the plant-killing critters. I saw him once last year, a little chipmunk thing. I know, I’m evil, wanting to annihilate Chip ‘n’ Dale.

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  1. Why? Generally I ask myself ‘why’?

    I’ve never pondered the Jewish calander system but have fallen asleep with blog posts in my mind and while, I usually don’t forget them in the morning, they never seem quite as eloquent as they were the night before.
    I might have 100 posts in drafts, though I already know most will never be posted.

    Hope you catch garden culprit.

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    1. Why, yes, why! Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get the answers.

      How nice that you can remember your posts! Even if they don’t feel as eloquent, I bet they are – and at least you can remember them! I envy that.

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  2. The perfect blog posts always come when am trying to sleep and too tired to write it down. Hope you catch the culprit at least.


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