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In Bloom, Blooming, Blossom

Guess where I went this weekend?  Woo, plants!  I’ll be busy all week getting these beauties in their new homes.  I am so excited!




I can’t wait to get started on my garden blog series this year, like I did last year.  I just don’t know what to call it.  Last year I just called my garden posts “nature Monday.”  How lame!  lol

What do you think?  Should I call my 2016 Garden Series “Monday In Bloom,” “Blooming Monday,” or “Blossom Monday”?  I can’t decide.

I hope you’re having a great Monday!  I suspect some of us are having a tiny bit of blog-challenge hangover, lol.  Time for some of the hair of the dog that bit ya!  Winking smile  Sláinte!

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