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Monday In Bloom

It was a gorgeous day Sunday!  I mean absolutely perfect!  It wasn’t too humid, the sun was shining down from a cloudless sky.  The temperatures were the kind where you’d be comfortable, perhaps even a bit warm in the sun, but if you were wearing a long-sleeved shirt in the shade, you’d also be comfortable.  My little weather thing tells me it’s 72° with 38% humidity.  And to add sprinkles to that cake, the full moon last night was amazing. 

I got some good, thorough watering done Sunday, and some deadheading done Saturday.  The daylilies have been growing like crazy.  Last year, the first year I had them, they bloomed on my birthday.  I can’t wait to see when they bloom this year.  The creeping phlox has filled out nicely, and is creeping, lol, and the daisy is getting nice and bushy.  The new plants I put in the ground, the Artemisia and Veronica, are holding steady and seem to be settling in nicely.  

05-22-2016 GW03 (4)

05-22-2016 GW03 (5)

I love this pot.  Every time I see it I find myself having a contented little sigh.  Isn’t’ that silly?  It’s like my happy place, somehow. 

05-22-2016 GW03 (15)

I was able to exchange a couple plants here so now all the pansies in this pot are burgundy.  My OCD is happy now.  Smile  That one odd yellow one was driving me nuts.

05-22-2016 GW03 (18)

Cheerful white pansies! 

05-22-2016 GW03 (22)

I am still hopeful about the lavender plants.  This one has more spark to it than the other, but as long as there’s even the slightest bit of green, I’m going to leave them in the ground.

05-22-2016 GW03 (28)

That’s how my garden is growing this week!  How’s yours doing?

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2016 Garden Weekly 03