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Monday In Bloom

Things seem to be going pretty well at the end of Week 2!  We had a near miss with freezing temperatures on Saturday night, I almost had to pull all my pots onto the patio, but we only got down to 33° so everything was okay.  Whew!  This is why the official “planting date” in Northern Illinois is May 15th.  But who can wait that long?  I’d have lost two full weeks if I’d waited that long! 
05-15-2016 GW02 (3)

There does seem to be a couple of plants that are broken off at the base though.  I don’t know how that happened.  I’m not sure if their roots will make it without some leaves to get sunlight from.  05-15-2016 GW02 (14)

Now that some are blooming, I can see I need to do a bit of switching on the colors.  There’s a purple among the burgundy, and a burgundy in the purple.  Trade time!
05-15-2016 GW02 (16)

It still feels like there’s some settling in that has to happen, I’m not sure why.  There aren’t any more plants to plant, now it’s just grow time.  Maybe I’ll feel more sure about it once I get those few stray plants re-grouped. 

That’s how my garden is growing this week.  How’s yours coming along?

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You can click the link or the picture below if you’d like to see thumbnails or a slideshow of all the plants. 

2016 Garden Weekly 02 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

2016 Garden Weekly 02//