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Monday In Bloom

It was pretty nice when I popped out to take pictures Sunday.  I even went barefoot!  Not because it was that awesome outside, but because I couldn’t find my shoes, lol.  Thankfully, it was nice enough I could do that without freezing my toes off.  😀
ACCU 2016-11-13 Phone

Still, it was pretty nice.  I was glad.  I know it’ll be one of the last nice days for a while, and this will be the last of the In Bloom posts until next Spring.  It’s been getting pretty cold on the overnights, close to freezing once or twice, and we might even get snow this coming weekend.  Yikes!  We will have some nights into the 20s, so whatever is left of the garden will certainly be gone after that. 
There really isn’t much left now, as it is.  The mums, of course, but the annuals are looking pretty bleak, and the perennials are really to go to sleep for the Winter.  It’s time.
  11-13-2016 GW28 (1)

The side patch now looks tired and sparse, no longer vibrant and thriving.
11-13-2016 GW28 (2)

The mums had a few flowers.  Just a measly few though.
11-13-2016 GW28 (3)

And the snapdragons were giving up their last bit of glory.
11-13-2016 GW28 (4)

The purple sweet alyssum seems to be enjoying the slide into Winter, although it too is losing leaves and petals.  It’s also giving off a really strong, beautiful fragrance as it leaves.
 11-13-2016 GW28 (5)

This tree across the way keeps getting lovelier and lovelier.  The way the colors are so variegated is breathtaking to me.
 11-13-2016 GW28 (6)

And that’s it!  That’s how my garden grew this year!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  I certainly have loved sharing it with you!  Thank you for sitting in the garden with me for a bit!

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2016 Garden Weekly 28 | Flickr

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Monday In Bloom

It was pretty lovely Sunday when I went out to take pictures!  These days are so rare now, and I can’t believe how lovely it is for November!  Thanks, Lord, I’ll take it!  There was barely a cloud in the sky, the air was fairly crisp, and it felt wonderful.
ACCU  2016-11-06 Phone b

I can’t believe I forgot to take my “corner” shot!  I would have run back out to take it Sunday, but because of the time change, it was already nighttime.  I almost forgot it again on Monday!  I got it just as the sun was setting and dusk was hovering.  Barely made it!  It still looks like a night shot I guess, but at least I got it in.   I think I’ll be throwing away my much loved little garden lights at the end of this season.  I got them last year, but now most of them no longer work, and their pretty colors are all faded. 
11-06-2016 GW27 (52)

The side patch is thinning.  Still vibrant, just a much thinner vibrancy, lol.
11-06-2016 GW27 (4)

I couldn’t resist this image of some shrubs on a neighboring building.  Not my garden, but close enough.  😉
11-06-2016 GW27 (7)

The purple Sweet Alyssum are just bursting right now.  Probably the cooler even temps we’ve been having.  Whatever the case, I’m in love, lol.  The colors are awesome, the smell is epic – what more could a gardener ask for?  11-06-2016 GW27 (11)11-06-2016 GW27 (14)

11-06-2016 GW27 (15)11-06-2016 GW27 (16)

11-06-2016 GW27 (17)11-06-2016 GW27 (18)

Snappies!  Yay!
11-06-2016 GW27 (13)

The potato vine has really flowered quite a bit lately.  I think it’s doing it’s best to go to seed.  The colors are amazing to see.
11-06-2016 GW27 (28)

More blooms on the mums, yay!
11-06-2016 GW27 (30)

The Artemisia is going to sleep.  The center of it is turning gray and dying off, so the rest surely won’t be far behind.
11-06-2016 GW27 (38)

The speedwell looks positively lush!  I’m thinking it really likes Autumn.
11-06-2016 GW27 (39)11-06-2016 GW27 (40)

The lavender seems to be thriving with the cooler temperatures, too.
11-06-2016 GW27 (42)

Look!  It IS going to get some more flowers on it! 
11-06-2016 GW27 (44)

Across the way is this tree, and when I looked up, only the tips of it were changing color, like someone had dipped the top of it in some paint like a giant paintbrush.  The light was changing fast as I was trying to get a decent shot in.

11-06-2016 GW27 (51)11-06-2016 GW27 (6)

This is how my garden does Autumn.  How’s yours changing with the seasons?

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2016 Garden Weekly 27 | Flickr 

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Monday In Bloom


It was a pretty lovely day Sunday when I went out to take some pictures of the garden.  The weather was chilly, but not exactly crisp as it was still pretty humid.  But my hands and feet got chilled while I was out there, so that was a nice Autumnal touch. 

We had a lot of rain this past week so everything got soaked really well, and with temperatures above freezing still, and even a day in the 70s coming up this week, I have a feeling there will be some last minute growth happening in the garden.  It’s kind of exciting, waiting to see what it will do with such a tiny bit of time left. 

Things are still basically holding steady from last week, so that’s pretty good.  The grass sure has been loving the rain!  It’s in its Autumn growth spurt and it looks so lush and full.

The yellow of the dying lilies adds an interesting layer of color to me. 

The side patch is still pretty bright and sassy, although some of the coleus have lost a few leaves. 

10-30-2016 GW26 (3)
10-30-2016 GW26 (5)

I keep waiting for this tree to turn red.  I thought it was a sumac, but perhaps it’s not.  Maybe I’m just impatient.  Sumacs get so amazing looking in the Autumn.
10-30-2016 GW26 (6)

This tree almost looks like the top of a cupcake peeking over the building when the sunlight hits it just right, lol.
10-30-2016 GW26 (8)

The burgundy colors on these trees just enthrall me.
10-30-2016 GW26 (9)

The shrubs across the way have finally exploded into their brilliant red glory.
10-30-2016 GW26 (10)

The side patch.  Gloriously colorful, still!
10-30-2016 GW26 (17)10-30-2016 GW26 (14)
10-30-2016 GW26 (15)10-30-2016 GW26 (19)

Oh sweet alyssum!  Watching you fade is so sad!  I shall miss your lovely fragrance!
10-30-2016 GW26 (16)

Geese!  Flying low and … northeasterly?  They must be heading toward a lake or retention pond or something.  No goose in its right mind would head toward Canada this time of year.
10-30-2016 GW26 (21)

Ha!  I knew it!  It will get another blooming!
10-30-2016 GW26 (23)

I love the variations in the colors of this one. 
10-30-2016 GW26 (25)

Looking for new blooms on this one but I don’t see any yet.  It’s supposed to be a lovely week ahead so maybe in the next few days there’ll be some blooms.
10-30-2016 GW26 (26)

Clearly the lavender likes Autumn!
10-30-2016 GW26 (39)

The flowers on the sage are dying back, but some of them are still pretty vibrant.  The bees are happy about that, working hard to get the last bits of pollen before Winter.
10-30-2016 GW26 (40)

And that’s how my garden’s growing.  How’s yours doing?  Do you have any Winter preparations done?

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2016 Garden Weekly 26 | Flickr

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Monday In Bloom

On Tuesday!  Been feeling rather discombobulated lately, sorry I’m late with this!

It was a pretty nice day Sunday when I went out to take pictures.  The late afternoon sun was hitting some of the trees in a most amazing light. 

This are definitely dying off, in a sort of painful to watch way.  We’ve come close to freezing overnight a couple of times but haven’t fully gone below 32°, so many plants are brown, but it’s still too soon to cut them back for Winter.  Soon though, I’m sure, because Winter waits for no man.


Oh it hurts to look at my daisies!  They were so proud and full just a few months ago! 
10-23-2016 GW25 (5)

The side patch is still full of color, although it’s losing some of its vibrancy and fullness.
10-23-2016 GW25 (4)

The pink polka dot plants do seem to be a little happier after I cut off all the long, straggly branches. 
10-23-2016 GW25 (7)10-23-2016 GW25 (20)

Yep, purple sweet alyssum still thriving under there!  I think the coverage from the coleus is protecting it from the weather.
10-23-2016 GW25 (14)

Bee!  Big ol’ fat bumble!
10-23-2016 GW25 (19)

I’ve let the coleus go to seed, because I like how it looks.  It looks like a bunch of little arms raised in praise, lol.  It reminds me of a little Pentecostal Flower Church.  Open-mouthed smile
10-23-2016 GW25 (21)

Just look at those spikes!  They got so tall in this pot!   LOL, you can also see the monster eyes Halloween decorations I had the kids put up.  Open-mouthed smile
10-23-2016 GW25 (22)

After cutting off all the dead flower heads, the mums seems to be doing pretty well.  They’re nice and bushy and look like they might even go through a 2nd flowering, if they hurry.
10-23-2016 GW25 (25)10-23-2016 GW25 (40)

The potato vine is turning some interesting colors.  Has a rather bronzy look to it, I think.
10-23-2016 GW25 (26)

I am so please with these speedwell.  I took a chance when I got them, because I’ve never grown them before and wasn’t familiar with them at all.  I didn’t know how they’d do in my little patch here, but they seem to be thriving.  Even as Winter looms, they still look green and bushy.
10-23-2016 GW25 (36)10-23-2016 GW25 (37)

My “twins.”  The flowers on the sage are dying off, and the bees are sure making sure to get every last little bit of pollen, but that lavender has really taken off recently!  I thought it was going to start dying off because a branch in the middle of it died, but the rest of it is going gangbusters.
10-23-2016 GW25 (38)10-23-2016 GW25 (39)

Pop pop pop!  Love the color of these globe amaranth!
10-23-2016 GW25 (41)

That’s how my garden’s growing this week.  How’s yours coming along?  Getting ready for Winter?

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2016 Garden Weekly 25 | Flickr

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Monday In Bloom

I forgot to grab a screenshot of the weather off my phone, but I did find one from the daily weather record that I keep.  Man oh man was it muggy!  Blech!  I was just dripping after deadheading only a few plants Sunday.  Thankfully, the sun wasn’t beating down on me, too. 

The pansies are all gone now, as are the marigolds.  I went ahead and pulled them all because they were more dead than alive.  We did have a frost warning the other night, and while I don’t think it got down to freezing, it did get too cold for some of the plants.
10-16-2016 GW24 (4)
10-16-2016 GW24 (5)

I don’t think this bodes well for the evergreen nearest our unit.
10-16-2016 GW24 (9)

The polka dot plants got a severe cutting back.  They survived the near-frost but were so gangly and unattractive with their dead branches, so I cut those off.  I think they’ll do well before freezing temps set in.
10-16-2016 GW24 (10)10-16-2016 GW24 (16)

The side patch is still holding strong.  It got some good rain this past week, and it’s close enough to the building that it gets a bit of “insulation” from the freezing temperatures.  Plus, I think the bricks gather heat from the sun during the day so it stays a bit warmer here. 
10-16-2016 GW24 (15)10-16-2016 GW24 (12)

I think this pot must be in the perfect spot.  It’s sheltered, not a lot of direct sun, close enough to the edge of the patio to get some rain.  The plants in this one are just thriving, still. 
10-16-2016 GW24 (42)

My adored Dusty Miller and purple Sweet Alyssum combination.  I think I’m trying to drink in as much as I can, because Winter’s coming.  I’m hoping the pictures will give me something to cling to.
10-16-2016 GW24 (11)10-16-2016 GW24 (19)

I was going to get rid of the mums, because they were so dead.  But when I looked closer, I could see lots of tiny buds underneath the dead blooms on both plants.  So I gave them each a good haircut.  We’ll see what happens – maybe they’ll have another bloom before frost!
10-16-2016 GW24 (20)10-16-2016 GW24 (36)

The potato vine sure is getting colorful.
10-16-2016 GW24 (22)

The overly friendly Artemisia, still making friends.  It just might make it out of the garden before frost sets in, lol.
10-16-2016 GW24 (30)

The Twins, lavender and sage. 
10-16-2016 GW24 (34)10-16-2016 GW24 (35)

I don’t know how long I stood there, trying to get a shot of the bees.  I swear, every time I walk outside, there are at least half a dozen bees that I can see flying all around the sage plant, busily buzzing away.  Lots of bumbles and some honey, which is a big YAY! because it means there’s a hive of honey bees around here not too far away.  They are all hustling now, trying to reap the last bits of pollen.  They all seem to really love the sage plant.  I did manage to finally catch one of the bumbles in this picture, he’s near the middle. 
10-16-2016 GW24 (1)

Another bumble! 
10-16-2016 GW24 (40)

This pot – it looks awkward the way the Sweet Alyssum is overflowing down the side, but I love the combination of colors and textures.  You can see Autumn’s fingerprints here. 
10-16-2016 GW24 (37)

I just loved the combination here with the spiky pink and purple flowers together. 
10-16-2016 GW24 (39)

More Autumnal pictures. 
10-16-2016 GW24 (45)
10-16-2016 GW24 (46)
10-16-2016 GW24 (43)
10-16-2016 GW24 (44)

And that’s how my garden is surviving Autumn so far.  How’s your coming along?

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2016 Garden Weekly 24 | Flickr

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