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Monday in Bloom

The other day I chanced to look out my window – something caught my eye.  It turned out to be the complex manager, and she was showing a prospective client around the property.  Both of them were pointing toward my unit as they walked up the sidewalk.  I had that momentary sense of panic.  “Oh no, I’m in trouble!”  Then I saw them nod their heads and smile, and I realized that they were talking about my garden, and I had that momentary sense of panic, “Oh no!  My garden is kind of like a selling point!”  Pressure!  Now I want to make extra sure it stays nice looking.

It was a nice day Sunday when I went out to take pictures.


A bit on the warm side but not unbearable.

Things are looking fairly healthy, although I am calling a post mortem on one of my lavender plants.  The bit of green it had on it is gone now.  Sad smile  Maybe I can get to the garden center and get something else soon.  The other lavender is still making a concerted effort to survive, yay!
05-29-2016 GW04 (4)

The salvia are looking pretty.
05-29-2016 GW04 (9)

The coleus is too.  I lost one of the sweet alyssum as well as a coleus in this pot though.  Seems like a few of those were DOA when I got them potted.
05-29-2016 GW04 (13)

The pink polka dot plants seem to be taking off, though.  Whew!  I was a little nervous about them because I’ve only seen them as indoor plants in years past.  But, they’ll work as outdoor annuals I suppose.
05-29-2016 GW04 (14)

My happy pot.  I’ve lost a coleus and sweet alyssum from this one too but I’m hoping what remains will fill in as the season progresses.

05-29-2016 GW04 (15)

The mixed pansy pot.  I have 3 yellows, 2 whites, and a burgundy.  In the front patch, I tried to keep the pansies all one color to a pot, but one of the plants bloomed a different color than the rest.  I hate when that happens!  Now my sense of balance is all messed up.  A pot of all purple with one burgundy, it’s distracting!  I’m thinking of trading a white and a yellow to each of the purple pots so they’re at least even.  Then this pot would have 2 burgundy, 3 purple, and a yellow.  But at least then my front pots would match and I could make a nice pattern in this pot.  Yes, I know I’m weird.

05-29-2016 GW04 (17)

The daisies are going to be epic this year!  I can see lots of buds and I’m so excited!  I can’t wait for these to bloom!
05-29-2016 GW04 (32)

That’s my garden this week!  How’s yours growing?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week, you can click either the link or the image below.

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2016 Garden Weekly 04//

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Memorial Day

In Remembrance and Gratitude

Love, Vanessa

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