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Thursday Thumbnails

I think I’m in my blue period.
Phone Pics 2016 D APR (52)


It was leftover ham turned into a casserole.  I thought it looked good enough to eat.

I made these lemon sort of cheesecakey bars for the ladies in the office.  And the guys, too!

I looked out my bedroom window the other day, and there was Glory, sitting pretty as you please on the roof of the building next to us.  I call her Glory, because she’s a Mourning Dove.  Mourning … Glory … *cough*.  Yeah.

Saturn, Antares, Luna, and Mars made a perfect diamond!  What a pose!

Well, I saw a rainbow.  My phone camera not so much.  Still, it was kind of cool the way the light rays were shining down on the building across the way.

Baby pinecones!

Lemon cake mix cookies for my husband’s work.  It must be my lemon period, too.  Somebody stop me before I buy anything lemon blueberry!

Oh wait, I already did!  D’oh!  I forgot about this!  I don’t even eat pancakes anymore, what the heck?

Snapshots of the last few weeks of my life.  Now you know.

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