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What’s Your Winter Sense?

There is also the scent of soap making!

Your Winter Sense is Smell

Winter isn’t exactly known for it’s smells, but you have very heightened senses.
It doesn’t take much to make you happy. You enjoy the subtle scent of pine trees or fresh snow.

And there’s a part of you that prefers smelling Christmas cookies to eating them. Smelling them is almost as good!
There’s nothing quite like the smell of a roaring fire or a crisp early morning. Winter has your nose working overtime.


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What’s Your Winter Scent?

Orange sounds like a lovely Winter scent to me!  It also sounds like the perfect time to make orange soap.  😀

Your Winter Scent is Orange

You are bright, optimistic, and vibrant. You try not to let winter get you down, but it’s not exactly your favorite season.
You like to be wherever the sun is shining. If you could swing it, you wouldn’t mind spending winter on a balmy island.

You do your best to bring some color to a dreary winter day. You’ll do whatever it takes to get until spring.
You like sights, tastes, and scents of a warmer place. You can dream of sunnier days if you can’t get away to them.

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How Much Do You Like Winter?

I think 36% is too high.  I’m generally pretty tired of Winter the day after the solstice.

You Like Winter 36%

You like winter, but you have usually had enough of it by the time spring comes around! You like the cold in small doses.
You’re probably the type who enjoys a bit of snow, as long as it isn’t too much of a hassle. And if doesn’t snow, why bother with winter at all?

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How Should You Spend New Year’s Eve?

I don’t think exhausted is the right word, but the quiz didn’t give me many options.  I like to stay home on New Year’s Eve because it’s a madhouse out there, and I’d much rather stay home where it’s nice, quiet, and safe.  If I was going to go to a party, it would be one I hosted, and I’d make sure to have enough room for everyone to sleep over.  No driving!

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You Should Stay Home for New Year’s Eve
By the time New Year’s Eve comes around, you are usually exhausted. You just need to rest.
That doesn’t mean you won’t celebrate, but you’ll definitely be toasting the new year in your own low key way.

You’ll reflect on the year that’s passed and make plans for the year to come.
And when the clock turns over at midnight, you’ll be cheering along with anyone else. You’ll just be in your pj’s!

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What Christmas Ornament Are You?

I do?  Well.  Shouldn’t the spirit of Christmas be pretty much an everyday thing, though?  I’m still working on that.  🙂

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You Are an Angel
A truly giving soul, you understand the spirit of Christmas.