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What Treat Should You Give Out For Halloween?

I cheated and took this quiz twice.  The first one kind of sounded like me, but there’s no way I’d hand out gummies for Halloween!  M&Ms or mini candy bars are what I’d hand out!  Snicker’s snacker, anyone?  Winking smile

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You Should Give Out Gummy Bears

You are a very sensitive soul, and you want to give a big bear hug to everyone you’re close to.
People love you because you are so soft and squishy. You are naturally cuddly.

The only downside to your personality is that you get hurt easily. It’s not hard for someone to break your spirit.
And while you can be crushed from time to time, you always bounce back. You’re extremely resilient.


You Should Give Out M&Ms
You are a colorful, fun loving person who has a bit of an addictive personality.
Once you’ve found something you love, it’s hard for you to give it up… no matter how bad it is for you.

You are both easily amused and easily bored. You need a lot of pretty shiny things to keep you occupied.
You are friendly and love to share. Of all the types, you’re the most likely to keep a candy bowl out.

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What Halloween Costume Matches Your Personality?

Ha!  Oh my gosh, they almost nailed it!

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You Should Be a Ghost for Halloween
You are painfully shy. You don’t really care much for socializing, and you prefer it when people forget all about you.
When you get dressed up for Halloween, you’re just trying to hide a little. It’s the one time of the year it’s okay to wear a mask.

To be honest, Halloween makes you want to lock the door, turn out the lights, and wait for it to be over.
It’s a huge step if you even hand out candy on Halloween. Sometimes you’re too shy for even that!

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What Fall Spice Are You?

True extrovert?!  Hahaha!  Hahahahaha!  *wipestears*  No, no, I most most definitely NOT an extrovert!  I do love to make people feel at home when they visit, but I am not what anyone would call a social creature. 

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“You Are Cinnamon”
You are warm and friendly. You are a social creature and a true extrovert. You are welcoming, and you love to have people over to your place. You make everyone feel at home. You are sweet, but you aren’t overwhelming. You know how to be subtle with people. You have tact. You love life, and people love to be around you. You are very popular without trying to be.
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What’s Your Autumn Sense?

Yeah, something about satisfying people with delicious things to eat is oddly satisfying in and of itself. 

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“Your Autumn Sense is Taste”
It’s pretty simple… you love fall because it’s the most delicious time of the year. From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving leftovers, there’s always a culinary treat right around the corner for you. You also enjoy the smaller seasonal foods of fall – a pumpkin latte, apple crisp, or butternut squash soup. You wait all year for your fall food favorites to return, and you’re going to savor every single one of them!
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What Autumn Drink Are You?

I don’t have the joy of a fireplace, but I sure do love sitting in front of a fire, staring at the flames.  Sipping a warm and lovely drink in front of said fire sounds heavenly!

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“You Are Mulled Wine”
You are a good friend. You love to gather with those who are dear to you, to catch up and drink lots of wine. For you, fall means more dinners with friends and long nights by the fire. You love coming inside after the summer. You enjoy making your home as comfortable as possible during the fall. You never know who might stop by for a warm drink or a piece of pie. Your ultimate holiday, Thanksgiving, also arrives in the fall. Whether you’re hosting or just bringing a dish, you love how everyone gets together during this time.
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What’s Your Autumn Personality?

Now, I wouldn’t describe myself as adventurous at all!  I definitely like my tried and true! 

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“Your Autumn Personality is Adventurous”
There’s something about a chill in the air that gets your blood pumping. You’re ready to go have some fun. Consider hiking up your favorite mountain or spending a weekend at a bed and breakfast. You’re the type of person who likes to try all the new fall dishes and come up with the best Halloween costume. Go ahead and let yourself experience some new things this autumn. There’s lots to try!
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The Ocean Test


You are most comfortable when you are doing something that’s totally foreign to you. You love new things.

You believe in transparency and honesty. The truth hurts, but you’d like to know it.

You seek a bit more depth in your life, but you are slowly changing. You don’t like to rush anything.

You believe that if you look closely enough at people, they all have their own unique beauty.



Uh, no, don’t love new things!  Love my tried and true!  Love my routines! 

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