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Romans 15:5-6

Romans 15:5-6“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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What Kind of Garden Are You?

Oh I love English gardens! 
I do like to change things up – I think of it as “tweaking.”  🙂

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You Are an English Garden

You are creative and vibrant. You are inspired by everything around you, and you don’t have any one style.
You like a mix of old and new. And you always have something unique to add to the equation as well.

You are informal, open-minded, and flexible. You love to play around with art and design.
You tend to change things up a lot. Whether it’s your own clothes or your home, you can’t stay with one look for long!

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During a service at an old synagogue in Eastern Europe, when the Shema prayer was said, half the congregants stood up and half remained sitting.

The half that was seated started yelling at those standing to sit down, and the ones standing yelled at the ones sitting to stand up…

The rabbi, learned as he was in the Law and commentaries, didn’t know what to do. His congregation suggested that he consult a house-bound 98 year old man, who was one of the founders of their temple. Perhaps the elderly man would be able to tell him what the actual temple tradition was. So he went to the nursing home with a representative of each faction of the congregation.

The one whose followers stood during Shema said to the old man, “Is the tradition to stand during this prayer?”

The old man answered, “No, that is not the tradition.”

The one whose followers sat asked, “Is the tradition to sit during Shema?”

The old man answered, “No, that is not the tradition.”

Then the rabbi said to the old man, “The congregants fight all the time, yelling at each other about whether they should sit or stand…”

The old man interrupted, exclaiming, “Yes! THAT is the tradition!”


lol  Well, we all have our ways!  😉

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The Soap Bubble Test

Details!  Yes, details are important!  I suppose sometimes I can get a bit … annoying about some details.  I’ve worked in banking, and if the balance isn’t to the penny, there can be problems, so exactness has it’s place! 
But, I would have to say that I AM a bit of a dreamer.  Big time, actually.  🙂  Isn’t’ that were ideas are born, in dreams?  😉

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You Are Somewhat Exacting

You are a well rounded person who can see both small details and the whole picture. You are very balanced.

You are slow to act. You like to weigh your options carefully before deciding what to do.

You are extremely down to earth. You aren’t much of a dreamer – you’re a doer.

You are a bit mysterious and withdrawn. You have deep spirituality that others can’t grasp.

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Church Whisper


A mother took her little boy to church. While in church the little boy said, Mommy, I have to pee.”
The mother said to the little boy, “It’s not appropriate to say the word ‘pee’ in church. So, from now on whenever you have to ‘pee’ just tell me that you have to ‘whisper.'”
The following Sunday, the little boy went to church with his father and during the service said to his father, “Daddy, I have to whisper.
The father looked at him and said, “Okay, just whisper in my ear.”


You see now why it’s so important for parents to communicate?!  lol

Have an epic weekend!

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