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Give Back Sorcery Soap Contest and Sorcery Coupon – Sorcery Soap™

There’s still time to win, if you hurry! ~Vanessa

After so much outstanding support from Soap Witches and Soap Sisters, Sorcery Soap is giving back to you! Win $100 worth of Sorcery Products!                                                                 …

Source: Give Back Sorcery Soap Contest and Sorcery Coupon – Sorcery Soap™

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Gratitude in June

24. What challenge are you grateful for?

Well, I’m not what anyone would call a competitive person.  Most challenges I’ve faced have been hardships to try and overcome so I’m not sure I’m grateful for those.  Grief is never something to be grateful for, imo. 

Perhaps I’m thinking of challenge wrong.  We’ll got with the challenge of learning to make soap.  That’s nice and safe.  🙂

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