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An Open Letter to Samsung

Dear Samsung,

I’m so sorry I broke up with you a couple years ago.  It was a mistake, and I realized it not long after.  That other guy, he made himself so tempting, the Carrier promised me all sorts of good things if I left you for him. 

He wasn’t all he was cracked up to be.  But I was committed by then and you know how it goes, I had to stay, you know, for the bills.  The bills just weren’t ready for me to leave.  So I hung in there the best I could.  He wasn’t a bad guy, just the wrong guy.  He was nice and all so I don’t want to say anything bad about him but, like I told the Carrier when I called the other day, it just wasn’t love like it was with you, Samsung.  There were issues.  Nothing I couldn’t handle, but I confess, I sort of resented having to handle them, especially when I’d never had those issues when I was with you the first time. 

So, I just waited.  The Carrier told me that once the bills were ready, I could switch back, and that finally happened!  The Carrier agreed to dissolve my relationship with the other guy and today I signed into my Samsung account and it’s like you never left, like you’ve been waiting patiently for me this whole time.  And I can see you’ve been working out because you’re much nicer than you were when I left, and you were pretty buff back then.  Woo! 

It’s good to be home, Samsung.  I’ve missed you.  I won’t leave anymore.  I learned my lesson. 


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