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Soap a l‘Orange

I think this will be the final batch I’m going to make for our friend to take downstate to the farmer’s market, unless I decided to do an unscented/uncolored batch.  There are other soaps I want to put together, for family, friends, and me.  There are so many recipes I want to try!  And I got some new colors, too!  But for now, I have 2 dozen soaps for him to try to sell, and I think that’s a good start.  If they sell, you can believe I will be a busy soaping bee, lol. 

For this batch I decided to use the all natural essential oil, instead of using fragrance oils like I used in the other batches.  Options, you know.  I used a bright orange matte color, and some white French clay to make a slurry. 


Yeah, that’s bright!


Fortunately, the color that resulted reminded me of a creamy orange Creamsicle


Yum!  They smelled so good!


Maybe I should have called them Dreamsicle bars, but I think that name is copyrighted.  Not sure. 

Anyway, which do you think is better – the top shot without flash …


Or the bottom shot with flash?


I can’t decide.

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I Suddenly Realized

This is what I call a nap attack!

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I Suddenly Realized Nothing Matters...

I Suddenly Realized Nothing Matters… – Cheezburger