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Happy Anniversary!

We did it!  We’re finally legal! 

Okay, that’s a joke, because we’ve been legally married from the start, but today, our marriage has reached it’s 21st Anniversary.  🙂

That is often hard for me to believe.  Some days, it feels like we’ve only been together for a few months. 

Happy Anniversary, Beloved!  You’re still my guy.  xoxox  ❤  I love you!





It’s hard when people you love are going through a difficult time. And this isn’t about me, but I’m fair to bursting with relief and gratitude.

My very dear friend (30+ years dear) was diagnosed earlier this year with Stage 4 stomach cancer, and given 6-12 mos life expectancy. She has been going through chemo, and still has about 3 mos to go, but today her doctor called her with some results.

The biopsies are negative. The chemo is working.

Good news is really nice. 🙂 xoxox ❤

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So.  I had such grand plans for today!  It’s the first business Monday of the month, of the year!  Back to homeschool for the kids and I.  Up early.  Get some cleaning and organizing done around the place.  Get that Christmas stuff back out to storage!

But no.  Just no.  Despite my efforts to go to bed early last night, (at which I was successful, yay!) I woke up after only a couple hours and was up for hours.  When the alarm went off, I had a screaming headache.  *sigh*  The weather’s been changing around here, which probably caused some of that, but still. 

I didn’t get to nearly half the things I wanted to today.  I suppose that’s what tomorrow’s for, right? 

I keep thinking of this quote I saw on a poster when I was little:

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

I guess for me, I need to change that Today up there to Tomorrow, heh. 

I hope your Monday’s been better!

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One by One

It started on the 7th.  My husband came home from work saying he feared he was coming down with something.  This scared us.  Earlier in the year, beginning of June, to be exact, he came down with a severe case of bronchitis and his coughing didn’t let up for a good 6 weeks, with continued bouts for 6 more.  With the way his company has been cutting back on sick days, this was not good.   We tried to be hopeful – maybe it’s not sickness but just allergies.

Friday the 8th he emailed me from work, stating that he was in fact, sick again.

After he came home that night, he spent the entire weekend feverish and coughing but managed to make it in to work on Monday.

Sunday night my son told me he didn’t feel well and he spent Monday-Wednesday in bed with a fever.

Monday night, I practically coughed up a lung and spent Tuesday-Thursday in bed with a fever.

My poor husband, sick himself, doing his best to take care of the rest of us – and really that’s a first.  He was just trying to hold out until his vacation started on Thursday.   I can’t think of a time when he was the well one and the rest of us were not. He’s asthmatic, so he always bears the brunt of sicknesses. 

Thursday, my daughter went down.  She put up a good fight, bless her warrior heart, but this cough and fever had her near tears.  She doesn’t do sickness well – I like to think because it’s so foreign to her.   We did our best to keep it from her, to stay away from her, no hugs or kisses, etc.  I guess short of a haz-mat suit, there was nothing we could do.

This thing hits hard and it hits fast.  You practically don’t even have time to wonder what’s going on before you’re curled up in bed, in a shiver then a sweat.  You don’t want to eat.  (I ended up not eating for over 2 days, pretty much the same with my kids.)  At one point, I could feel myself starting to freak out because I let my imagination run away with me.  I could hear this sound in my lungs, and in my fever, I imagined it sounded like an army of tiny clicky spiders spinning crinkly webs.  Shut UP, Brain!

Pain relief pills help a lot.  Menthol cough drops help a lot.  Vaporub is a beautiful thing, don’t knock that gem! 

Hot showers, lots of water, and even more sleep help a lot. 

Heating pads help a lot – those ribs get sore.

I think we’re on the upswing now though.  If what I’ve read is any indication, this thing has an average shelf life of 10-14 days.  If that holds true, we should be all clear between this coming weekend, and the weekend after. 

It’s no fun being sick on Christmas vacation.  But I guess in some ways, best to be sick then when you don’t have work or school obligations.

If you’re the praying type, prayers would be greatly appreciated. 

And I’ll be praying like crazy that YOU don’t get this thing.

Acute bronchitis | National Institutes of Health

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Some thoughts and memories get tucked away in their little boxes and you put them on the shelf and hope you never have to open the box and look at those ugly things ever again.

Then you get asked a routine question on a juror questionnaire and it feels like someone came along and just swept the box onto the floor, spilling its contents.

Have you, a friend, or a relative, ever been the victim of a crime?

You sit there, kind of gaping at the mess on the floor, and you don’t even get the satisfaction of saying, “Hey now, please clean up the mess you made!”

All I get is a checkbox, not even a space to record what kind of crime, or how many, or against whom. 

I suppose, if I get called for duty, I will get asked to expand on that checkbox.  In pubic.  For the record. 

Things I don’t even like to recall.  It doesn’t seem fair.  I guess a lot of people go through that. 

Have you, a friend, or a relative, ever been the victim of a crime?

I could write but what good would that do?  No good would be gained and I know this because I’ve tried it already.  It’s an exercise in futility.  For me, anyway.

Just like weeping.

I like for the ugly things to remain in their boxes, where all good corpses should be. 

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