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Monday In Bloom

It was pretty lovely Sunday when I went out to take pictures!  These days are so rare now, and I can’t believe how lovely it is for November!  Thanks, Lord, I’ll take it!  There was barely a cloud in the sky, the air was fairly crisp, and it felt wonderful.
ACCU  2016-11-06 Phone b

I can’t believe I forgot to take my “corner” shot!  I would have run back out to take it Sunday, but because of the time change, it was already nighttime.  I almost forgot it again on Monday!  I got it just as the sun was setting and dusk was hovering.  Barely made it!  It still looks like a night shot I guess, but at least I got it in.   I think I’ll be throwing away my much loved little garden lights at the end of this season.  I got them last year, but now most of them no longer work, and their pretty colors are all faded. 
11-06-2016 GW27 (52)

The side patch is thinning.  Still vibrant, just a much thinner vibrancy, lol.
11-06-2016 GW27 (4)

I couldn’t resist this image of some shrubs on a neighboring building.  Not my garden, but close enough.  😉
11-06-2016 GW27 (7)

The purple Sweet Alyssum are just bursting right now.  Probably the cooler even temps we’ve been having.  Whatever the case, I’m in love, lol.  The colors are awesome, the smell is epic – what more could a gardener ask for?  11-06-2016 GW27 (11)11-06-2016 GW27 (14)

11-06-2016 GW27 (15)11-06-2016 GW27 (16)

11-06-2016 GW27 (17)11-06-2016 GW27 (18)

Snappies!  Yay!
11-06-2016 GW27 (13)

The potato vine has really flowered quite a bit lately.  I think it’s doing it’s best to go to seed.  The colors are amazing to see.
11-06-2016 GW27 (28)

More blooms on the mums, yay!
11-06-2016 GW27 (30)

The Artemisia is going to sleep.  The center of it is turning gray and dying off, so the rest surely won’t be far behind.
11-06-2016 GW27 (38)

The speedwell looks positively lush!  I’m thinking it really likes Autumn.
11-06-2016 GW27 (39)11-06-2016 GW27 (40)

The lavender seems to be thriving with the cooler temperatures, too.
11-06-2016 GW27 (42)

Look!  It IS going to get some more flowers on it! 
11-06-2016 GW27 (44)

Across the way is this tree, and when I looked up, only the tips of it were changing color, like someone had dipped the top of it in some paint like a giant paintbrush.  The light was changing fast as I was trying to get a decent shot in.

11-06-2016 GW27 (51)11-06-2016 GW27 (6)

This is how my garden does Autumn.  How’s yours changing with the seasons?

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NanoPoblano Day #7

All rights reserved by RarasaurOne of the myriad reasons I fell in love with him was because of the beautiful love letters he wrote.

I got so many email responses from my personal ad, 99% of which contained little more than a name and a length, if you catch my meaning.  I’d specifically stated on my ad that I was looking for a husband, for “Mr Right,” and NOT “Mr Right Now,” but that didn’t seem to matter to most of the ones that responded.  I was convinced they’d not even read my ad. 

But he did.  I could tell he’d read it because he responded almost point by point to all the things I’d listed.  And I made no bones about being picky.  I’d been divorced.  I wasn’t willing to go through another awful marriage and divorce scenario.  I had criteria, I tell you, and I wasn’t going to settle, either. 

I figured the lovely love letters would stop once we talked on the phone, but they didn’t.

I figured they’d stop once we met face to face, but they didn’t.

I figured they’d stop once we got married, but they didn’t.

Today, on our 18th wedding anniversary, I got another love letter in my inbox. 

Those myriad reasons just keep stacking up.  😀

Happy Anniversary, my Beloved



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