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NanoPoblano Day #14

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It is today!  It’s my son’s birthday!  Yay!

He’s 15 today.  Smart, sweet, funny, thoughtful, kind, handsome.  I keep waiting for the “teen angst” to kick in, but so far it hasn’t.  He doesn’t give us any attitude at all.

Then again, he was late to his Terrible Two’s also, so there’s still a chance the Teen ‘Tude will kick in sometime within the next 4 years, lol.  I hope not! 

For his birthday, this is the cake I made.


Chocolate, of course.  He is firmly in the camp that if it’s not chocolate, it’s not dessert, and therefore not worth eating.

The design is one of the character logos from the video game he currently loves, called Destiny.  That’s the Hunter logo.

So tonight, all diet bets are off, the boy picks the meal.  His whole life he’s only picked one meal, the same meal, every year, he just gets more of it, lol.  😀  And, of course, tonight, there’s dessert.

Happy Birthday beloved son!


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Monday In Bloom

It was pretty nice when I popped out to take pictures Sunday.  I even went barefoot!  Not because it was that awesome outside, but because I couldn’t find my shoes, lol.  Thankfully, it was nice enough I could do that without freezing my toes off.  😀
ACCU 2016-11-13 Phone

Still, it was pretty nice.  I was glad.  I know it’ll be one of the last nice days for a while, and this will be the last of the In Bloom posts until next Spring.  It’s been getting pretty cold on the overnights, close to freezing once or twice, and we might even get snow this coming weekend.  Yikes!  We will have some nights into the 20s, so whatever is left of the garden will certainly be gone after that. 
There really isn’t much left now, as it is.  The mums, of course, but the annuals are looking pretty bleak, and the perennials are really to go to sleep for the Winter.  It’s time.
  11-13-2016 GW28 (1)

The side patch now looks tired and sparse, no longer vibrant and thriving.
11-13-2016 GW28 (2)

The mums had a few flowers.  Just a measly few though.
11-13-2016 GW28 (3)

And the snapdragons were giving up their last bit of glory.
11-13-2016 GW28 (4)

The purple sweet alyssum seems to be enjoying the slide into Winter, although it too is losing leaves and petals.  It’s also giving off a really strong, beautiful fragrance as it leaves.
 11-13-2016 GW28 (5)

This tree across the way keeps getting lovelier and lovelier.  The way the colors are so variegated is breathtaking to me.
 11-13-2016 GW28 (6)

And that’s it!  That’s how my garden grew this year!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  I certainly have loved sharing it with you!  Thank you for sitting in the garden with me for a bit!

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