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NanoPoblano Day #5

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I love Saturday.  Unless we have to be somewhere, but usually, I love Saturday.

Feeling slightly puffy after finally eating last night, after a four day fast.  Our plan is to have Friday nights, Shabbat, be kind of a free night to just enjoy.  When we do eat, we’re going to eat low-carb or ketogenic.  I know now that my body just does not do grains very well at all.  Most people don’t, as grains are toxic to humans, but some can handle it better than others.  I am not one of the others.  My skin starts freaking out, and I get puffy and swelly.  Ugh!  So, grains need to be eliminated as much as possible for me.

I was able to make some soap for my husband today.  He went through a bunch of my scents today looking for a new one to try.  I made him two batches, so he should be stocked up for a while.

I am trying to catch up on email and blogs, while the husband watches a horror movie.  Lord only knows why he likes those things, but he said it’s worth the cost of the movie just to see me jump like I do.  *sigh*

Plus, I managed to get my son’s birthday presents ordered last night, yay!  I made sure to order from Amazon so they’d be here on time, unlike the fiasco that happened with my daughter’s presents this summer.  When it counts, I’m sticking with Amazon.

With that, I hope you have an awesome Saturday night and a great rest of the weekend!

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Are You Progressive, Conservative, or Libertarian?

In honor of the upcoming elections next week in the United States, I thought I’d do a couple of political quizzes.  They were kind of amusing, although the second one was pretty condescending.  It should be noted, that I do not consider myself in the least bit way Libertarian!  lol  I don’t believe in “no government” (that would be anarchy and that would be bad), just a very, very very very tiny one.  Open-mouthed smile

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You Are Libertarian
You’ve always been a bit out on the fringe when it comes to political view points, and you pride yourself on being downright radical.
Your political philosophy is very simple: there’s no government like no government!



You Are 72% Republican
You have a good deal of elephant running through your blood, and you’re proud to be conservative.
You don’t fit every Republican stereotype, but you definitely belong in the Republican party.


You Are an Individualist

You tend to believe that the individual is paramount, and that means you.
You are a huge advocate for personal liberty and freedom. You think people should be left alone as much as possible.

You are a big fan of live and let live – even if someone may be acting foolish. People have to be responsible for their own destinies.
You think there is too much interference in every day life and too many busybodies. You don’t try to get into anyone’s business, and you don’t want them in yours!