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NanoPoblano Day #19

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Whew!  I think I just might make it in time tonight! 

It’s been a good day!  I was able to be lazy and sleep in, yesterday was wonderful with the company that visited, and my husband’s on vacation now for a whole blessed week. 


Tomorrow, if I play my cards right, I just might be able to make some soap.  I am dying to make soap!

So how’s your weekend going so far?


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What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You?

Well now.  Mac and Cheese?  Really?  Hmm.  I do try to be supportive and understanding, but honestly, I don’t know how soothing I am.  Sometimes I think I really agitate people. 

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You Are Mac and Cheese

You are a soothing and calming force. People can’t help but relax and let go when you’re around.
You are down to earth and even a little old fashioned. What’s good about you never changes.

You may not be the first person people think of at Thanksgiving, but you’re always the first one they think of when times are tough.
You are there for people in the best and worst of times. You know how to be supportive and understanding.