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NanoPoblano Day #10

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I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to posting today!  Today, not only did I get to deal with Headache: Day 3, Rise of the Meds, but my husband even stayed home from work because he had a screaming headache, too.  He’s been a headache/migraine sufferer his whole life, but for me it’s been mostly in just the last year or so.  His are sinus related and he thinks mine are too, but I rather suspect mine are related to something else.  I’m thinking grains and/or sugars, because I haven’t been as obedient to my diet in about the same amount of time that I’ve been struggling with headaches.  It’s a process of elimination, I suppose.

But tomorrow, no headache!  Right?!  Right.  *fingerscrossed*

Turns out one of the reasons I’ve been having so many email problems lately is because Outlook has been doing some re-tooling.  I got this email today: “Earlier this year we introduced the new, which helps you focus on what matters, collaborate effortlessly, and get more done. As part of the upgrade, we have moved your account to a more secure and reliable infrastructure.”

You know, Outlook, I think I would have appreciated a heads-up on this one, BEFORE you started messing around with things.  It’s kind of like yelling “FORE!” at a golf course after the ball has beaned somebody in the head.  *eyeroll*

So, slowly but surely getting the email headaches dealt with. 

Of course, you know my place is an outright disaster, right?  *sigh*

Okay, more meds just one more time – boy do pills just knock me flat now.  I really hate the zombie response, and I hold off taking them as long as I can, but when the pain is bad enough, I’ll give in.  Tomorrow I will catch up on comments and all the other blogging fun that I’ve missed these past few days. 

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.  🙂  *hugs*


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Happy Birthday Marines!

Happy Birthday to
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