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Now that’s just how he rolls, lol. 

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Goggie Gif: BARREL ROLL!

Goggie Gif: BARREL ROLL! – Cheezburger

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NanoPoblano Day #26

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All these years since I’ve lived in California, and I still look at the clock and my mind automatically calculates what time it is there.  So, I’m “technically” still on time for my Poblano post, lol.  😀

The day was quiet, much like yesterday.  It was a day for gathering strength to head back into real life on Monday.  Tomorrow will be preparation day.  Monday is work, and school, and fasting.  Oh goodness how I need to fast!  There’s a phrase I never thought I’d say – “I am so looking forward to fasting!”

But, I know for a fact I actually will die before I ever utter the phrase, “Oh what a cute spider, can I hold it?”  Yeah.  That’ll never happen.  EVER.  Reminds me of my high school sweetheart, who actually DID get a pet tarantula, he even named it after me, and asked me if I wanted to hold it. 

Hold your spider?!  Seriously?  Have we met? 

In all honesty, he’s an awesome guy and we’re still friends.  But I never would hold that namesake.  *shudder*

How was your Saturday?


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