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NanoPoblano Day #9

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I think I forgot to post a link to my post last night, in the CheerPeppers FaceBook group.  *sigh*  I barely got my post up, then I just shut down everything to try to veg out.  I had a monster headache of epic proportions last night, so naturally I failed on my planned fast since I had to take pills and I can’t do that on an empty stomach.  Today’s not looking great either, because I still have a headache.

Despite the headache and unrelated to it, I do feel today an emotional sense of relief, nearly to the point of tears.  I guess I didn’t realize how huge was the sense of terror I’d been feeling for so long, until it was gone.  Fears not realized. 

So, I’m glad for that.

My son’s last birthday gift arrived, yay!  The boy will have presents this year!  I’ll be making and decorating his cake this weekend. 

How was your day?


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