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NanoPoblano Day #15

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Today was more of a Monday for me than a Tuesday.  I even actually forgot, because I was trying to catch up on all the Monday chores I blew off yesterday for my son’s birthday and because my husband was home.  Usually when he’s home, it’s kind of a day of hooky for all of us.  And he’ll be home on vacation all next week! 

I’ve been playing with a soap recipe this evening.  Not actually making soap, but playing with the calculations of a recipe I’d like to try.  One of the soap calculators I use will give you an idea of what your soap will end up like – bubbly, hard, soft, not lathery at all, etc – before you get down to the fun part of actually making the soap.  It’s such a great feature!  I don’t know if such a calculator exists for baking recipes but it would be awesome if there was!  Learning how the different oils will react once they’re combined and saponified is pretty cool and sometimes I can get lost in the tweaking of it all. 

The recipe I’ve been playing with tonight is for a shaving soap.  My husband got into the wet shave method a year or so ago, but finding a good homemade recipe seems to be really hard to find.  He’s been buying some stuff from Amazon, but today I came across this recipe – well actually I guess it came across me because it was in my inbox from a soaping newsletter I get, lol – and now I really want to try to see if I can pull it off.  It’s a bit more complex than stuff I’ve made before, as it utilizes two different kinds of alkalis, but oh how fun to try!  Now I want to head over to Amazon and see if I can find all the ingredients for a reasonable price. 

I’ve been kicking around ideas for a business name.  Nothing concrete yet, but I’m thinking I’d like the last part of it to be either Soapworks, or Soapery.

My son said the sweetest thing to me last night after unwrapping his gifts.  See, we used to have the kids make Amazon lists of things they’d like for birthdays and Christmas, and then we’d order from their lists.  In the last year or so though, my son has kind of rebelled against that idea.  He says he doesn’t know what he wants.  It has become, “You pick something for me.”  Last night he said, “See, I knew I was right to trust you to pick out gifts for me!”  It was above the courteous, “Thanks, Mom!” that he always says whenever he receives anything.  He made me feel really good. 

Fasting today.  I swear, it’s really more of a relief than anything.  After indulging for my son’s birthday, I woke up feeling so “blech.”  I’m hoping to last until Friday dinner, Shabbat.  It kind of makes me laugh.  After being afraid of it so much for my whole life, now it’s become something I’m actually looking forward to.

That, and seeing just how many times I can use the word “actually” in a single blog post.  It must be my word of the day or something, sheesh. 

Happy Day #15!  Wow, halfway through the challenge already? 


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