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NanoPoblano Day #17

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This is what’s on my mind this evening.  Amazon Prime price to drop for one day only.  And this Amazon hiring seasonal work-from-home positions.

The first because man, if I could get in on that deal, I would.  In a heartbeat.  Having an Amazon Prime membership is maybe one of the best shopping decisions my husband and I ever made, and if I could get a year on a discount deal, booyah!  I don’t think I’m eligible though as this is not my anniversary month. 

The second link intrigued me.  Work at home, for Amazon?!  Oh I’d be so all over that!  But, it seems you have to live in one of a few select states and of course MY state is not on that list.  Your state might be though, and I felt I would be remiss if I knew of an opportunity and didn’t tell you and you needed some part-time work to tide you over the holidays. 

I’ve been cleaning all day, which just goes to show you how bad I’ve let things slide.  To prove my point, my son praised me on how great the bathroom looks.  *hangsheadinshame*  The bathroom ought to always look that way.  It should be shocking when it’s dirty, not when it’s clean!  #BadHousewife  *sigh*

Day 3 of 4 on fasting and I’m hanging in there!  I’m not hungry, but I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow.  It would probably be a bit easier to navigate the fasting if I wasn’t still preparing all the family meals and snacks and stuff.  But, you know, you cowboy up when you have to, right?  And this is a goal for me.  I know there is a detox process at work when I fast.  I can feel it.  It encourages me. 

I used to think I was a weak person, not having any willpower at all.  Quitting smoking showed me that I do have some, at least the first few times I quit, lol.  The last time I quit, the Strength was not my own but was graciously lent to me.  I suspect the same kind of thing is going on with fasting too, and I’m clinging to it.  I feel strong, anyway.  Heck, I made truffles when I was fasting and didn’t even lick the spoon.  See, that kind of Strength doesn’t come from within ME, lol.  That’s an external Force holding me up!  😀  But knowing It’s there makes me feel strong. 

Those are my thoughts for the day.  What are yours?


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