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NanoPoblano Day #3

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Oh my gosh what a day!  I am so excited – I actually made a soap sale!  *SnoopyHappyDance*  snoopy_happy_dance_2

A friend of ours – he was actually a blogging friend for many years but we’re also FaceBook friends – he saw one of my pictures and made a request.  I am so floored!  Naturally, I spent most of last night searching for the particular scent he wants.  My first sale!  Maybe this business thing will really happen! 

So of course I spent some time portioning out my oils.  Pre-prep work, I call it.  I try to get my recipes ready so that when I want to soap, all I need to do is grab the container I want for that batch and everything is already measured out.  It saves so much time!  When you want to soap, you want to soap, not measure. 

I went for a little walk with the kids today.  I meant to go the other day because the trees are so beautiful but, busy, you know.  I did manage to get some nice pictures though! 


It was a lovely day.  The kind of day that makes you happy just to be out in it, seeing all the loveliness. 

This is how the soap turned out that I made yesterday.


I want to have some masculine soaps in my “bank,” too, because men like to have skin that feels nice as much as women do.  They just won’t say that out loud.  That’s fine.  I understand.  Which is why I’m making man soap.  Open-mouthed smile

I meant to take the Halloween decorations down Tuesday.  *sigh*  Tomorrow!  I promise!  I swear I’ll get the bloody handprints off the window! 

So far I’ve done three this week.  Can I do four?  Not posts.  I’ll tell you tomorrow, if I succeed.  My goal is five by the time 2017 rolls around. 

Tomorrow is Shabbat!  No, I’m not Jewish, but we love Shabbat, and the other Feasts.  I also maintain the websites for a couple of Messianic ministries, too.  I can’t even tell you how much that fills my heart. 

Until tomorrow!

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