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September 19-Somethin’ Challenge Day 11

September 19-Somethin’ Challenge | McClendon Villa19-Somethin_Sidebar_Button

This challenge is prompted by the song 19-Somethin’ by Mark Wills. You can hear the song here:  
The following questions are taken from the various lines in the song.  There are also a few random questions thrown into the mix to make it a post a day for the month – 30 posts.


11. What was your favorite music genre when you were young and on what format did you first listen to it?

Rock, always and forever rock!  Wait, the Monkees were rock, right?  I always thought of them as rock.  Everything came through the radio, and record albums.  We did have an 8-track, and my father had a reel-to-reel that he played sometimes. 

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In Remembrance

Will  Not  Forget





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The Hungry Dance

Puppy’s dancing so cute, I can almost hear the music!

Goggie Gif: The Hungry Dance

Goggie Gif: The Hungry Dance – Cheezburger