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September 19-Somethin’ Challenge Day 12


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This challenge is prompted by the song 19-Somethin’ by Mark Wills. You can hear the song here:  
The following questions are taken from the various lines in the song.  There are also a few random questions thrown into the mix to make it a post a day for the month – 30 posts.

12. When did you first have a microwave in your home? Were you afraid that it would make you sick or did you embrace this “new” technology?

Goodness, I don’t think we got a microwave.  I remember my best friend in high school had one, but I think I was married before I actually had one myself, so that would have been after 1986 when my ex and I got married, and probably even after 1990.  I was late to that party I think.  

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Monday In Bloom

It was actually a pretty nice day Sunday!  My Beloved and I went for a walk in the late afternoon, and I didn’t do any gardening at all.  We’ve had a bit of rain this week, temperatures have cooled some, and the garden has kind of been on auto-pilot for a couple days.  And, we might even see daytime temps in the 60s for a couple days this week!  Woohoo! 
ACCU 2016-09-11 Phone

Except for my Creeping Phlox, I’m pretty happy with the state of things.  The rain and cooler weather has really been a nice change of pace and the garden has really enjoyed it, too. 
09-11-2016 GW19 (5)
09-11-2016 GW19 (4)

I love how these pink polka dots look like they’re raising their little stemmy arms in praise and shouting, “Woohoo!”
09-11-2016 GW19 (7)

It just looks so lush and full and thriving, and that makes me so happy!  If you could see baby laughter, it would look like this.
09-11-2016 GW19 (9)09-11-2016 GW19 (12)

Since turning this pot around, the stuff in the back can breathe now! 
09-11-2016 GW19 (15)

I think these are going to be a little more on the rusty side than I anticipated when I bought them last week.  I thought they’d match the coleus, but it looks like they’ll accent the marigolds a little better instead. 
09-11-2016 GW19 (18)

Fresh little pops of color on the globe amaranth, along with cascades of sweet alyssum!
09-11-2016 GW19 (23)

The creamy, vanilla mums have revealed a bit of yellow, so now it looks like a scoop of lemony ice cream.
09-11-2016 GW19 (26)

This Artemisia is definitely going to take over the garden, lol.  It’s about 6 times bigger now than it was when first planted it in May. 
09-11-2016 GW19 (27)

The lilies are still blooming!  Every week I think it’s the last week for them, and each time I see more buds hiding in the leaves.  What a bonus!
09-11-2016 GW19 (29)09-11-2016 GW19 (33)

This sage has so surprised me!  For weeks after I planted it, I thought for sure it wasn’t going to make it.  I guess it just needed some time to decided whether or not it was going to hang around. 
09-11-2016 GW19 (39)

The corner.  After seeing one of the other resident’s gardens, I am so jealous!  They’ve wrapped around their entire patio with mulch and plants and lights, and now I am plotting.  I even saw her hang a bird feeder over the weekend!  This corner has annoyed me for ages because it’s got nothing, and I wasn’t sure I would be permitted to do more with the garden area than what was originally landscaped.  But now … *rubshandstogether* it’s on.  This is how I “landscape.”  I stare and stare at a space until I “see” it finished, then I know what I need to get it done.  Corner, I’m looking at you! 
09-11-2016 GW19 (40)

So that’s how my garden’s growing!  How’s yours coming along?

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