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Prompt This

Did you know that WordPress offers daily blog prompts over at Prompts | The Daily Post?  Did you know they also offered at one time, a free ebook of prompts?  Blogging in 2014 Just Got Easier: Introducing 365 Days of Writing Prompts | The Daily Post  Yep, they sure did.  Now, while that’s dated to 2014, the prompts are still good, and after I got the book I thought, wouldn’t it be neat to have each prompt on an individual note, like a sticky note?  So, I made a bunch of different colored note sized images to simulate sticky notes.  Like, a year or two ago.  Naturally I had to make them all different colors …

Now, I am nothing if not a procrastinator, but bit by bit I’m trying to copy over each day’s prompt into its own note.  It’s a WIP.  No, no I’m not OCD at all, why do you ask?

And of course, these are WordPress’s prompts not mine, so if you want the images for your own blog, by all means, feel free! 

Also, of course, all prompts are optional.  🙂

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7 thoughts on “Prompt This

    1. No, not really planning anything other than just putting them up there for anyone who’s looking for a prompt. I suspect I won’t answer each one myself, some I might but I’m sure not all.. But it will be fun to have a collection of pretty notes, no? 😀

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    1. That’s perfectly all right! 🙂 It’s just a thing I thought – last year I saw some people talking about blog prompts, and not knowing what to blog about at times, and I remembered I had the WordPress book so I just kind of ran with my idea.

      If you would like to use the images to post something on your own blog, by all means! Feel free to use them! That’s why I shared the link on my sidebar to where I’ve posted them all together on Flickr [] You could set up posts a year in advance if you wanted! Or however far in advance. You could get as wordy as you wanted, or not!

      I can’t believe I’m almost done with it. I started it last May after the A-Z Challenge was done. 🙂

      Never fear – there’s no such thing as overthinking in the blog world. 😀 Daily deadlines are often flexible, too.

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