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E 05-22

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Monday In Bloom

Sunday afternoon – Low 50sF and overcast for picture time.  Looks like it might rain.  It was super foggy on Saturday night and even rained a little, so the garden is staying nice and hydrated. 

There should be lots of lilies next month, if these plants are any indication!  And the daisy plant is huge.  It’s really spread out a lot since I planted it a couple years ago.
05-21-2017 GW03 (3)

The new corner patch is looking pretty good.  Not a whole lot of color yet but I think the snapdragons will start blooming pretty soon.
05-21-2017 GW03 (4)

The side patch is also looking pretty good.  I went and dusted the bottom edges of all my pots with some diatomaceous earth to keep the bugs at bay.  Last year I had some real problems with some pesty things, I’m not exactly sure what kind.  Could be earwigs, roly-poly bugs, daddy-long-legs, or slugs.  Or a combination of any of those.  A couple of plants have been snacked on, so now I’m going to dust around the plants inside the pots.  Diatomaceous earth will harm bees if you’re not careful, so I’m being careful. 
05-21-2017 GW03 (5)

Last year I had Coleus in the blue pots and the Dusty Miller in the green pots.  I think this arrangement suits them much better. 
05-21-2017 GW03 (10)

Yeah, the silvery Dusty Miller against that teal blue … *swoon*.  🙂 
05-21-2017 GW03 (22)05-21-2017 GW03 (28)

The snaps are snapping!  Shouldn’t been long now before they’re really going gangbusters.
05-21-2017 GW03 (24)

The Columbine has been blooming nicely for a couple of weeks now, looking so pretty. 
05-21-2017 GW03 (36)

The Artemisia is also doing really well, both of them!  Last year one seemed kind of week but now they both seem to be happy. 
05-21-2017 GW03 (37)05-21-2017 GW03 (41)

Same with the Lavender.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to make it after the Winter, but it seems to be coming back okay. 
05-21-2017 GW03 (42)

The Sage is a very happy plant, yay!
05-21-2017 GW03 (43)

Likewise with the hanging pots.  Bonus, the copper wire seems to be working out pretty well.  *whew*
05-21-2017 GW03 (44)05-21-2017 GW03 (45)

That’s how my garden is growing this week!  How’s yours coming along?

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