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#AtoZChallenge Reflections Post

72254-survivor-atoz2b255b2017255d2bv1I like the #AtoZChallenge.  It’s like Spring cleaning for the brain, in a way.  If you’ve had ideas swirling around for a while, it’s a great time to purge them, get them out there.  If you’ve been feeling unmotivated and un-creative, it’s a great time to get the rust scraped off and get back into blogging gear.  I highly recommend it!

When I got the idea for my posts for the 2017 Challenge, I thought, well the Challenge has been around for a few years and this is only my 2nd time, surely my idea has been done to death, but I’ll give it a shot.  Tell a story using one word a day, in alphabetical order.  My thinking was, when people come around to read a blog during the challenge, it can be daunting to see a long post, considering that readers are trying to chew through lots more posts than is normal for them.  Keep it short and sweet!  What could be shorter than a single word?  So, I ran with it.  But, I ran r e a l l y slow, considering I kicked around the idea for pretty much the whole year since the last Challenge, lol. 

If I could offer one bit of advice for the 2018 Challenge, plan your posts in advance!  You’ll be so busy reading and commenting and responding to comments that you won’t have nearly as much time for writing as you think you will. 

Like last year, I found some really great blogs to follow.  Not everyone made it to the end but that’s okay – it’s about the try, right?  🙂  This is my personal 2017 Challenge Collection, the blogs I followed.  I will be posting these to my blogroll in the coming weeks, like I did last year.  🙂

In no particular order:

|JEN’s Lexical Creations| |Life & Faith in Caneyhead| |~Idiot Writing~| |Drunk on Life| |Mail Adventures| |Finding Eliza| |keith’s ramblings| |Books and Revolution| |Coach Daddy| |My Random Ramblings| |2BlueEyes| |A Journey To Courageous Living| |Josie Two Shoes| |NamySaysSo| |Zombie Flamingos| |radhikasreflection| |transcribingmemory| |Hot Dogs and Marmalade| |*The KUANTAN blog*| |Space, Time, and Raspberries| |Penguin Ponderings| |Iain Kelly| |The Bookwright| |Plucking Of My Heartstrings| |Anything Veronica| |Shalzmojo| |Patricia Lynne, Independent Author| |McClendon Villa| |I Just Have to Say…| |The Sound of One Hand Typing| |Writer In Transit| |poetry penned in moon dust| |The Lady of the House Speaking| |Carolyn Astfalk, Author –| |WordDreams…| |QP and Eye| |Atherton’s Magic Vapour –| |Mainely Write| |Write to Inspire| |Making Life an Art| |

Now to get ready for next year!  lol  Hey, it takes a lot of effort to plan a 30 Word Story!  😉

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