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A Visit to the Doctor

This gentleman goes to see his doctor and approaches the receptionist to sign in. He has been noticed by all in the reception area, as he has 2 carrots sticking in his ears, 2 celery stalks in his nose, and a tomato in his mouth.

The nurse quickly directs him to the examination room and requests that he sit on the table and the doctor will be with him shortly. Within a few minutes the doctor enters the room and looks at the man. The man removes the tomato from his mouth, slowly looks up at the doctor and asks “doctor, what is wrong with me?”

The doctor replies, “well for starters, you’re not eating properly”.


Ba-dum-dum-tsh!  *rimshot*  I can tell people that – think I can charge the doctor’s rates?  Winking smile

Have an awesome weekend, and please remember to eat properly!  LOL

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And … hopefully they also walked out!  😉

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