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Monday In Bloom

It was a gorgeous day here Sunday, Mother’s Day.  Low to mid 60sF, clear blue skies, low humidity – just lovely!  My husband took me to the garden center, where I was able to replace the plants that I lost this past week due to all the wonky weather.  Man that place was crowded!  So I spent a little bit of time getting those potted, and I finally got my new perennial in the ground.  In general, things are looking fairly decent.  A few plants are struggling because of the recent cold snaps, but I do think they’ll recover with enough tender loving care. 

05-14-2017 GW02 (1)

Kind of hard to see in the picture, but I found some heavy copper wire for my hanging pots.  I got so tired of the twine ropes breaking on me.  I’m hoping the wire is more sturdy.
05-14-2017 GW02 (2)

The side patch.
05-14-2017 GW02 (4)

The new section!  Not sure what to call it yet – the patio patch?  This is the “extension” I was working on a couple weeks ago.  Before, the grass went to the edge of the patio, but now I’ve wrapped the patio with mulch and garden fencing.  This enables me to get my long pots off the patio, and also gets the square pots out of the front patch.  I love the symmetry of how it looks.  Bonus, I’m hoping the extra fencing will keep critters and neighbor’s dogs off our patio. 
05-14-2017 GW02 (6)

I think this must be my favorite pot, and I’m sure I’ve overloaded it again this year.  I love the graceful look of it.
05-14-2017 GW02 (21)

The columbine have been blooming and look pretty
.05-14-2017 GW02 (33)05-14-2017 GW02 (39)

The newest addition to the perennials – a pincushion plant. 
05-14-2017 GW02 (42)

That’s how my garden has been growing this week!  How’s yours coming along?

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