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Monday Musings

I want to be a better journalist.  Um, I mean, someone who keeps up with their personal journal in a much better way than I do now.  I was rather proficient at it when I was a teen, but I stopped when I turned 18, thinking that adults didn’t keep diaries like little girls.  Yeah. So. I was wrong. 

But getting back into the habit has been really hard.  You’d think just pick up a pen and write, but no.  I’ve learned a couple things about myself.  One, never sing where anyone else can hear me; and two, I prefer my journaling almost equally private. 

As a kid with a working mother, I had lots of alone time.  As a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her kids, in a small apartment, there is no such thing as “alone time.”  For the record, I wouldn’t trade that for the world, but I do need to figure out how to adapt to the way things are right now in a way that I can feel more comfortable. 

While my goal is to journal with pen and paper, I also want to have a digital form, too.  Good grief, there are a lot of diary apps out there!  I wanted something that synced across the web and my devices – those seem to cost money.  I really like WriteADay (rainbows!) but it doesn’t sync or have a web version.  😦 

I downloaded Journey journal to my computer, after checking it out on my tablet, and promptly got hit with a payment button, so I uninstalled it.  It looks awesome, I just wasn’t willing to pay.

Journal It seems to have a lot of great features, but doesn’t seem to have a web version. 

I know I can’t type on my devices to save my life, but I can add a picture or a couple of words (word suggestions help!), which is why I also wanted a web version so I could type – all this in addition to a pen and paper journal.

No, I don’t ask for much.  😉

Know what I ended up doing? 

WordPress.  Yep, I made a totally private blog.  I can add to it from any of my devices AND my computer, everything gets synced automatically, I can add tags and photos, all the entries are dated, and geo-tagged if I want, and it’s free!  FTW!  Plus, I can change the themes at my whim, which means I can do different colors (rainbows!).  If I wanted to, I could even share an entry with someone if I was struggling with something and wanted a little feedback. 

All that remains is some discipline (I think that’s going to be my word of the year for 2019).  I have a lot of things planned for 2019, but they all center around that. 

So, that thousand mile journey just got one step shorter.  😉

And how was your Monday?

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14 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    1. Oh that’s a great idea too!

      Yes, sometimes it really is easier to just type it out, as you’re sitting there anyway. Typing is easier, but I also know that writing stimulates another area of the brain, so I’m hoping to have all bases covered, lol. 😀 I need all the help I can get!

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  1. I used to always keep a diary as a little girl and then as I got older the diaries turned into Gratitude Journals (well, at least for the last seven years). It’s such a great way to record and keep stock of little things. But you’re right, our ultimate journal is our blog isn’t it. Our little tiny piece of the WWW. And thank goodness for that, otherwise I never would have met YOU. Keep writing my sweet dear friend. xx 🙂

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    1. Yes, without that WWW, we never would have met! I am so thankful for that! You’ve brought a lot of beauty into my life. *hugs*

      I remember you talking about your gratitude journals – they are such a wonderful idea. Gratitude is a precious commodity that I think we need to cultivate more of in the world. xoxox ❤

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      1. You’ve brought a lot of joy and laughter into my life too. And I’ll never forget that beautiful poem you sent me years ago when I was really struggling with sadness and mum’s journey.
        Yes, gratitude is key isn’t it and makes such a difference to how we live. Hugs my friend xx ❤️

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