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What’s Your Christmas Color?


When you decorate for Christmas, you go classy and coordinated. You don’t believe in holiday clutter.
Your Christmas style tends to be subtle and sophisticated. If anything, you like to celebrate the theme of winter and the whole season.

You have no problem with tradition, but you are likely to switch things up from year to year. You prefer a modern holiday that is on trend.
You believe that you can have a great Christmas without going overboard. It’s all those little touches that make things special.


Yes, blue.  Pale, cyan blue.  🙂  And also pale pink!  I suppose if I could decorate Christmas however I wanted, it would look more like a baby shower than anything else.  And maybe that makes a weird sort of sense now that I think about it.  While I don’t believe Christ was born in December, it does tend to be when we celebrate the fact that He was born. 

Now I have just fully discovered a way to totally justify pastel pink and blue for Christmas!  FTW!


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