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Birthday Eve

She’s a gamer girl, and quite taken with the game her brother actually picked out for his birthday last year, Destiny.  She’s even made up a lot of fan fiction around one of the characters in the game. 

Sometimes, she likes to do her own version of “cosplay”:

Phone Pics 2016 B FEB (12)

She even got silly one night while waiting for a turn at the game:

Phone Pics 2016 C MAR (23)

So it seemed only fitting to try to incorporate that into her birthday somehow. 

This is the logo of the add-on my little Hunter Guardian loves most:

This is what I’m doing to her cake. 


I didn’t want to make it deep red because then it wouldn’t have shown up as well against the chocolate frosting, but I’ll add some red sprinkles over it tomorrow before we cut it. 

She still seems pleased though, so, whew!

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Happy Birthday, Princess!

Have a wonderful 10th birthday, sweetheart!

Hugs and Kisses!

Love, Mom




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The Last Day

My daughter is a big-time sleepyhead in the mornings.  She absolutely hates to get up.  I think she probably gets that from her mother.  *ahem*  This morning I went to give her the usual wake-up kiss, and I said, “Don’t go back to sleep!  You don’t want to miss your last day as a nine year old!”

And I realized … after today I will no longer have a child in the single-digits age bracket. 

That’s a bigger milestone for me as a mother than is known to most people. 

And the bittersweet of it made me kind of sad, in a way.  It’s an ending, a closure.  There are no more babies, and my baby will be 10, a whole decade!  Double-digits from here on out, and tomorrow she will be 21, because I will blink and time will have zipped by that fast.

Goodbye, single-digit ages.  I will miss you, terribly.  It’s been more joyful than anyone can know.

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This was in my email, and this is the conversation that followed.

He Specializes in Shock Humor – Cheezburger

Mom:  AAAHHH!  What the heck is that thing?!

Daughter, who came running to see why mom yelled:  Who would send you such a thing?

Mom:  It was in my LOLcats feed.

Daughter:  Then it was a LOLspider.

Mom:  There is no such thing as a LOLspider.  They are not funny.

Daughter:  There is only AAAAHHHHspiders.

Mom: Now you’re on a roll today!


My kids to make me laugh!

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Overheard at my house

Son:  It’s weird, adults who hate kids – it’s like they forgot they used to be kids.

Daughter:  You know what’s even more ironic?  Kids like us – kids who hate kids.


I busted up laughing at that point so they knew I was listening.  To clarify, my daughter wasn’t talking about kids in general, but the out of control kids they sometimes see when we go out, the ones that parents never seem to tell to behave.

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Daughter: Mom, what’s the longest word you know?

Mom: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Daughter: Huh?

Mom:  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  It was a song … from a Disney movie …

Daughter:  How do you spell it?

Mom:  Like it sounds.  (You hush, dear Reader!  It’s a long freaking word and I don’t have it memorized!)

So, now that the song is stuck in MY head, I figured I’d share the love so it can be stuck in YOUR head, too.  You’re welcome.  Winking smile

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PS. Daughter made a horrified face after seeing the video.

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She came into the living room to alert us to the snow.  Not that we didn’t know it was snowing – of course we knew that.  We just didn’t want to “know” it, if you know what I mean.  So the blinds were closed in the living room – our meager form of denial. 

I was watching my son and husband play a video game when the pretty princess bounded in and said, “Those boxes outside our window, you can barely see them – it’s like they’re wearing little snow hats.”

Snow hats!  LOL  She has such a way with describing things.

Naturally I went to check out what she was talking about.  Sure enough, the air conditioning units were buried, and the drifts were even working their way up the kids’ window.

All together I think we got somewhere in the vicinity of 12-16”, I never did get the exact numbers.  Praise be to the Lord though, because despite all that snow, the wind was blowing so hard that it did most of the work of brushing off the car for us. 

The next day was bright and sunny, of course, and the drifts by the kids’ window were even a little bit higher.   You can barely tell there are air conditioning units there at all. 

How’s the weather by you?

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the prettiest Princess ever!



Love, hugs, and kisses,