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Birthday Eve

She’s a gamer girl, and quite taken with the game her brother actually picked out for his birthday last year, Destiny.  She’s even made up a lot of fan fiction around one of the characters in the game. 

Sometimes, she likes to do her own version of “cosplay”:

Phone Pics 2016 B FEB (12)

She even got silly one night while waiting for a turn at the game:

Phone Pics 2016 C MAR (23)

So it seemed only fitting to try to incorporate that into her birthday somehow. 

This is the logo of the add-on my little Hunter Guardian loves most:

This is what I’m doing to her cake. 


I didn’t want to make it deep red because then it wouldn’t have shown up as well against the chocolate frosting, but I’ll add some red sprinkles over it tomorrow before we cut it. 

She still seems pleased though, so, whew!

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Happy Delusion Day!

I can haz delusion?

It’s that time of year again when I get to celebrate another birthday.

Every year I use the same lame joke.

“They said I could be anything so I decided to be thirty-four!“

Know what?

I’m using it again! 

I’ve been 34 a long time, and I will probably be 34 until I die.  Smile


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