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Klutzes Unite


So, National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day is my birthday.  Honestly, it really  does explain so much.  it’s just not a day ending in Y if I haven’t dropped something, spilled something, splashed something, tripped over something, or bumped into something. 

Here’s hoping your day is less klutzy!

Love, Vanessa


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Happy Birthday!

Somehow, even though he was born just a few months ago (surely it’s only been a few months!) my son is turning eighteen today.  I have a mama’s pride in him, I admit, but he’s one of the funniest and smartest people I know. 



To give you a small example from a few weeks ago:

son: Do you have any questions of the universe you need answered, mom?
me: You’ve got it all figured out, have you?
son: I think I do. (said seriously to goad his mom)
me: Well, you’re doing better at almost 18 than I did! (laughing)
son: So, questions?
me: How come, at my age, I don’t know myself better? (This’ll stump him, haha!)
son: Because life’s not about knowing yourself, it’s about knowing others.

Check. Mate. 


From the beginning I have said we’re lucky he lets us raise him. 


And if I don’t stop walking down memory lane, and wipe these mama-tears away, it’ll be another 18 years before I get his cake decorated! 

Happy Birthday, Beautiful BoyYoung Man!  I could not be more proud of you and thankful for the chance to be your mom!  I love you!

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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

She writes, this child of mine.  She makes up stories and universes and characters and she writes.  Sometimes she tells me about them, sometimes she shares them with me in an email.  Below is something she wrote, and read to me several weeks ago, that left me with tears in my eyes.  Oftentimes, I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that she writes such things at her age!   Sometimes, she displays a wisdom far beyond her years.  Other times, she is herself, a blossoming young lady who is turning fourteen today.  🙂 

I wanted to share this, because I am so proud of her.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  I love you!

(Dredgen Grace is a gamer-name she made up for herself after achieving the title of Dredgen in Destiny2.)

Seasons by Dredgen Grace

Every piece in the form of who and what we are is shaped by the reality of our existence and our existential metamorphosis. That’s what most people call life.

But it’s also an inspiration into deep, shrouded layers.

A mold with an infinitely increasing number of possible shapes is constantly being filled and emptied, but no space can ever be refilled. Every space in that mold is anew in and of itself. People are like snowflakes: no two can be exactly the same. Similar maybe, sometimes sharing certain features or qualities, but never exactly the same.

I could also say people are like trees. Each one different, each one an exception, multi-faceted, taking in the life that other things breathe into us. Our seed, a distant memory. Our trunk, the unchangeable final form of self. But our branches, ever-growing, and our color ever-changing. When our vibrance and joyousness disappears, we wait for the grief that buries us to be washed away. Then before we know it we wake up, blossoms free, and start again. New life is breathed into our souls.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Year after year, until the day the last breath is drawn.

The day the leaves crumble and fall, but never grow back again.


It’s about the life I live, not the life I leave.

~Dredgen Grace


Love, Mom






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June 13 | National Day Calendar

My birthday is National Kitchen Klutzes day?

Oh that just explains everything.  Everything!  *eyeroll*NATIONAL KITCHEN KLUTZES OF AMERICA DAY – June 13NATIONAL KITCHEN KLUTZES OF AMERICA DAY – June 13


Each June 13 honors those who would like to cook and be in the kitchen, but it just doesn’t seem to work well for them. After all, it is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day.

Klutz: most commonly referred to as a clumsy person. These are the people who set out with the intentions of Paula Dean or Julia Child as the open up the cookbook. Setting out the mixing bowl and ingredients, they imagine knife cuts as swift as Wolfgang Puck or Bobby Flay. However, reality quickly dissolves all those dreams as smoke billows from the oven and salt is mistaken for sugar. Those knife cuts become bloody, and cookies and fingers are burnt. The Kitchen Klutz has struck, and visions of spilled milk are pitifully cried over. It may be necessary to keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher handy when Kitchen Klutzes are around. Be ready to call 911 and your favorite take out if you’re still hungry.


Use #NationalKitchenKlutzes to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to find the origin of Kitchen Klutzes of America Day.

Source: NATIONAL KITCHEN KLUTZES OF AMERICA DAY – June 13 | National Day Calendar


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Happy Birthday!

Wow, I can’t believe it!  Seventeen years with my joy-boy.  I’m a blessed mom.  🙂



Love you, Beautiful Boy!


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Happy Birthday Marines!


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Happy Birthday Navy!


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