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Happy Birthday!

My babiest one is now officially a teenager!  When did this happen?!  Just yesterday she was


Now …

Phone Pics 2016 J OCT (109)

This is her cake.  She loves Oreos, that’s what’s in the filling.  I still have to put the writing on it, and maybe some sprinkles if she’d like. 

She’s in a “don’t get me any presents, Mom, don’t make a big deal,” kind of phase.  I’m trying … a little.  😉


Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  I love you so!

xoxox Mom

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Me and Cap are twins!

Well … he’s turning 36, and I’m turning 34 (again) but we share a birthday!


This is the picture I have as my tablet wallpaper.  My husband thinks I’m a little too old for such things, but I ask you, is anyone ever too old for a good old fashioned superhero?  Even someone who’s been 34 as many times as I have?  No, I think not!

I miss the shield.  I haven’t seen the latest Avengers movie yet but I hear that Cap’s iconic shield has been done away with.  I suppose that’s okay, considering he has the beard now.   The beard definitely works.  🙂

Happy Birthday, Cap! 

Come on by and I’ll make us a cake!  Red, white, and blue, of course.  🙂

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Phone Pics 2014 (591)
(the cake I actually made for my son’s 13th birthday a few years ago  🙂 )