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9 Things That Quiet, Awkward Introvert Wishes You Knew

Yes!  Oh, so much yes!  😀  Please click the link below if you’d like to read the whole article, and if you know any introverts (or are one!) you’ll find it pretty informative!  ~Vanessa

Later, a woman who was probably the most extroverted person in the room asks my boyfriend, “Was Jenn okay? She was so… quiet.”

I’ve heard something like this more times than I can count, but it never ceases to sting.  I never got to respond to that woman, but if I could, here are nine things I’d want her (and others) to know about introverts.

What Quiet Introverts Wish You Knew  

Source: 9 Things That Quiet, Awkward Introvert Wishes You Knew

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Le Sigh

I am not one of the cool kids and can barely type on my phone to save my life.  So here are 1000 words in picture form.
My favorite tech pet is dying.  Blue screens of death all week long (and I suspect a MS update is to blame for that).  Now the network card is dead. 

I am scrambling trying to find a refurbished Windows 7 machine.  *sigh* 

It has been a crappy week.  But thankfully not a week from Hell.  Had that fun for a year in 03-04; nor do I live in TX or FL.  So, things could be a lot worse.

Love, hugs, and many prayers for my TX and FL friends!!  💓

Hopefully I’ll have another computer set up soon.  At least I have a few posts pre-posted, lol. 

That’s what’s been going on for me. Aren’t you just pea green with envy?  lololol 😂😂

I miss you. 


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Monday In Bloom

07-02-2017 GW09 (57)I popped some cupcakes in the oven and figured I had enough time to go outside and take some pictures.  As I was outside, the wind whipped up and the storm clouds moved in.  I came back inside with 2 minutes left on my timer, and when the timer beeped, the rain came down in sheets!  Just made it!

07-02-2017 GW09 (32)Everything seems to be doing really well now.  Everything is established and for the most part, thriving.  The pansies are trying to come back from the near death caused by Morticia Rabbit – keeping them high out of her reach is helping.  My lavender plant though seems to be dying off, at least partially.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it.  I need to do some serious dead-heading and weeding.  Not sure if I’ll be able to get to that before next weekend as we start back to homeschool this week.  We’ll see though!

07-02-2017 GW09 (6)

07-02-2017 GW09 (7)

07-02-2017 GW09 (8)

Sunday morning, I had lilies!  Woohoo!

07-02-2017 GW09 (41)

Daisies are thriving, shining steadily like a beacon. 
07-02-2017 GW09 (43)

Snapdragons are looking bold and beautiful.
07-02-2017 GW09 (29)

To stand by this pot, you get the sweetest scent of sweet alyssum, it’s heavenly!
07-02-2017 GW09 (12)

The salvia are really healthy, too.  They’re very lush and full.
07-02-2017 GW09 (14)
07-02-2017 GW09 (17)

Yes, I’m pretty sure I over-planted this pot.  And you know what?  I don’t think I care!  lol
07-02-2017 GW09 (21)

I love these pots! 
07-02-2017 GW09 (26)07-02-2017 GW09 (27)

The hanging baskets are filling up nicely, too.  That icicles plant might be too big for these pots.  I’ve never planted it before so it was kind of a test.  At this stage, it looks nice though!
07-02-2017 GW09 (37)
07-02-2017 GW09 (38)

For Sue.  🙂

And that’s how my garden is growing this week!  How’s yours coming along?

All rights reserved by Vanessence

To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

you can click either the link or the image below.

Thanks for looking!

2017 Garden Weekly 09 | Flickr 

2017 Garden Weekly 09


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Monday In Bloom

06-25-2017 GW08 (50)It was actually a pretty gorgeous day, especially considering that July is right around the corner and is the hottest month of our year here.  Blue skies, mild temps, puffy white clouds – these are days that dreams are made of, few and far between here. 

Things are going pretty well in the 06-25-2017 GW08 (52)garden.  Morticia Rabbit was back, so in desperation, I have moved all my pansy pots to the table on the patio.  Saturday night I had lots of colorful buds on my pansies – Sunday morning, I had stems.  Naked stems.  😥  And it seems to be just the pansies, not any of the other flowers.  In the meantime, I’ll have to see what kind of thing I can come up with to cover the pots to keep her out but still allow them to be visible and get air and sunlight. 

Aannnd she must have heard me talking about her because as I was in the middle of working on this post I heard a funny sound on my patio.  When I went to look out the patio door, turned the light on, guess what I saw?  Morticia Rabbit herself, wondering where the buffet had got to.  She was sitting in the exact spot she must have sat in last night while she gorged herself on my pansies.

I feel SO much like Elmer Fudd I can’t even tell you.

06-25-2017 GW08 (4)

06-25-2017 GW08 (5)

06-25-2017 GW08 (6)

The coleus sure are starting to shine!  So colorful!
06-25-2017 GW08 (9)

I love how the sweet alyssum cascades over the pot.  Last year I remember thinking it reminded me of a bridal veil. 
06-25-2017 GW08 (13)

The salvia have started to blossom now, too.  This year I went with purple and white. 
06-25-2017 GW08 (14)

My happy place!
06-25-2017 GW08 (23)

Thankfully, Morticia seems uninterested in snapdragons. 
06-25-2017 GW08 (25)

The hanging pots are getting so lush and full now!  I love how the purple sweet alyssum is kind of peeking out.
06-25-2017 GW08 (30)

06-25-2017 GW08 (31)

There will be lilies!  So many little budlets about to bloom!
06-25-2017 GW08 (34)

06-25-2017 GW08 (35)

The daisies have been reigning supreme right now – just look at all those lovely white flowers!  Aren’t they gorgeous?
06-25-2017 GW08 (37)

06-25-2017 GW08 (38)

I did manage to get some deadheading done on the sage.  There are indeed some new flowers waiting to bloom.  Hopefully they’ve got energy enough to do that now.
06-25-2017 GW08 (49)

And that’s how my garden’s growing this week!  Despite the best efforts of the hungriest rabbit in the place!  How’s yours coming along?

All rights reserved by Vanessence

To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

you can click either the link or the image below.

Thanks for looking!

2017 Garden Weekly 08 | Flickr

2017 Garden Weekly 08