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We had some snow this week.  It was pretty.  But cold.  Thankfully, temperatures have warmed up a bit since then.  Nothing like the January weather bounce! 



The finished cut from some soap I made last week, for my mens line. I’m calling it Black Ice.  I’ve posted it on my business blog – if you’d like to read more about it.  🙂


Soap I made this week!  This one is Chocolate Amber and boy, I can’t tell you how strong the chocolate scent is with this one.  It’s so yummy smelling!


Chocolate Amber cut but not quite finished. 


More Whiteboard Banter between my daughter and husband.  🙂 


How’s your week going?

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Well, I’m getting a little better this week about keeping up with my goals, yay!  *fistbump*

I even made soap! 


After the cut.


My daughter continues to leave her character messages on the whiteboard, and now my husband has joined in and sometimes engages in these “conversations” with her characters.  They make me laugh, these two.  Like peas in a pod, sometimes.  I think they are more alike than either of them realize.  🙂



And how was your week?

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Not many thumbnails again this week.  I’ve been having a much harder time getting my “morning feet” under me than I anticipated.  It’s hard going from “vampire” to “morning glory”! 

I did manage to get a shot of some soap I made a few weeks back.  I’m testing a new recipe.  So far, I’m really happy with this one.  I’ve done a “sink test” (hands only) and now have to do a shower test.  My hands felt so nice, not dried out at all.  And the lather was rich and bubbly, too.  Every soaper wants to have their own proprietary blend, and I may have found mine.  One of them anyway!

The quotes are again, courtesy of my daughter.  Where she comes up with these gems, I have no idea, but I like them!

I hope your week so far has been amazing!

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I haven’t really taken very many pictures lately.  I mean, like in the last couple of years.  Not counting the garden pictures.  My kids are in that “don’t take any pictures of me!” phase.  Not that I’m prone to posting pictures of them in the Internet.  I just … haven’t been taking pictures much.  I try to grab some shots when I make soap, but I haven’t been making soap since before the holidays, either. 

What I do have of my week so far, is one of that beautiful full moon on New Year’s Day.  It was so cold, I ran 4 steps outside, snapped a pic, and ran back in, in less time than it takes to count to 10. 

Plus, my daughter has taken to doing this thing on the whiteboard we keep on the fridge.  She and her brother, they make up these stories, and sometimes she likes to post some of her characters’ lines for us to read.  Sometimes, they really make me pause.  The universe she’s created is very interesting! 

That’s pretty much been my week.  Still trying to finish recovering from being sick.  Still trying to get back into my groove.  “Real life” begins for me in earnest on Monday, as this is the last week of my and the kid’s vacation.  Back to homeschool, back to a cleaning schedule, adding a soaping schedule, full on disciplined eating and fasting.  The works!  I saw a line in a movie recently – the movie wasn’t all that great, but there was this line, “Become Who You Are.”  I like it.  I’m actually thinking of printing it up and posting it by my desk, like one of the characters in the movie did.  It suits me right now.  I think I’ll add it to my bullet journal.  🙂

So, how’s your week been so far?

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My husband found this low carb, gluten-free, sugar-free thing, so I made it for him.  Tasty good, he loves it.  I’m not a huge berry fan, so he gets the whole thing to himself.  He’d eat it all in one sitting if he could, too, he loves it that much.
Phone Pics 2016 G JUL (104)

I made soap earlier this month!

And more soap …

And yet more soap!  I was on a mission to experiment with an idea I had.  It was a busy soaping day, I’ll say that!  And now that it’s all cured, I’ve been playing with it, and oh what fun!  I hope to do some posts on that soon, too.

Sometimes, the sky around here is really beautiful.

Saturn, Mars, and Antares made a piece of pie!  Moon ate it all up.

I went to check if my plants needed watering, and saw this under the patio table.  *horrified*  I don’t know what it is, but it’s huge!  It looks like some kind of ginormous flying ant, or wasp or something.  I half expect it to rise from the dead like some kind of zombie bug.  *shudder*

This cloud was so bright it was casting shadows from the north.  It caught the sunset’s rays so magnificently, and was this amazing golden and rose color.  My daughter and I stood there for like half an hour, just watching it flow and shimmer. 

I happened to catch the moonrise through my bedroom window, while I was sitting at my desk in the “office.”

Snapshots from my last few weeks.  Well … not my last weeks, I hope!  I’d like to believe I have more weeks ahead!  I guess I should more correctly say my recent weeks, or my past weeks, huh?

How’s things by you?

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My soaps are making their way in the world now.  They’ve left the nest.  I sent them off with our friend who goes downstate to run a ministry, and the next time he goes to the Farmer’s Market down there, he’ll be taking these with him. *fingercrossed*

A lovely pre-fireworks sky.

Independence Day nails, heh.

Playing with the dry ice the grocery delivery guy accidently left in our bag.

The potato vine got a lovely flower on it.

My Amazon package came in.  It was made in Chain.  I’ve never been to Chain, have you?  I hear it’s a hard place to break out from.  But if you put all the right links in your mail, you just might find the weakest spot from which you can break free.  Okay, I’ll stop.

Pizza roses.  I bet if you ask really nice, Tostitos will share their recipe with you.

What a dreamy moon!

I made some little soap decorations to put on the tops of my soap bars!  I used melt and pour soap to make these.  Oh what fun I had that day!

The text alert I got this past Tuesday.  July in Chicagoland.  *sigh*  I know all you TX and AZ friends are rolling your eyes at me and calling me a wimp, but it’s flipping hot!

The text alert I got Thursday.  *drip*

I tried to take a picture of Saturn, Antares, and Mars making a piece of pie, but it got all blurry.  Sky Map helped me out some.

The kids and I, watching the storm.  Yes, I do know that gerunds end in G.  I promise I’ll work on brushing up my diction.  I don’t know when that bad habit started, but dropping G’s was not a thing I used to do.  *embarrassedblush*


Bits and pieces of the last few weeks.  How’ve you been?

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Wow it seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve done a Thumbnails post!  What with June coming to a close it seemed a good time to put one up.  It’s been a decent month!

I figured out how to make Challah Bread, yay!
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (9)

There was the day we watched a storm surround us.  Only, when the kids and I went out to investigate …
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (12)

I realized it was blue skies in back of us.  It was only the front view that was stormy.
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (20)

This may be one of the better moon pictures I’ve ever taken.  I’m thinking it’s because it wasn’t completely dark outside so there was no glare on the lens.
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (72)

Saturn, Mars, and Antares came out to play one night.  Okay, every night, but this night was clear and I happened to see them.
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (117)

Daisies!  The whole plant is in bloom!
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (121)

The lilies are blooming!  Last year I just had maybe 3 blooms per plant – this year, there are lots, woo!
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (129)

I finally got around to painting my nails.  I have felt positively naked without it.
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (123)

Apparently I was inspired by my phone lock screen.  I didn’t even realize it until I woke up this morning.  *dork*  I guess a girl’s gotta match her phone.  Oh quit rolling your eyes at me!  lol

And check it out, my pink polka dot plant is getting blooms on it!
Phone Pics 2016 F JUN (128)

Bits and pieces of my recent weeks.  What have you been up to?

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Garden Thumbnails







I swear, it’s like being a kid at Christmas, and watching the presents magically unwrap themselves in S L O W motion.

And look at that!  A surprise yellow splash in the burgundy pot.  Just goes to show, you can’t keep a good color down!


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