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Mom: What kind of soap do you want me to make?

Daughter:  Orange scented flower shaped soap!

Son: Whatever you made last time is fine.

Mom: Last time I made you rain scented black soap.

Son: Yeah, that’s fine.

Mom:  You don’t want to try something new?  Like, pine scented green soap?

Son:  No, I’m good with what I have.

Daughter:  That means when you get out of the shower, you won’t smell like anything, you’ll just smell like you just got out of the shower, without BO. 

Son:  Perfect!  I don’t want to smell like a tree, anyway.

This is why feminine floral, fruity scents and flower molds dominate the homemade soap industry, lol. 

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Soap Dough

Well I did it!  I made soap dough.  Now, I have never made anything in my life even remotely artistic.  Even as a little girl, I couldn’t get more creative than making balls and snakes with Play-doh.  Bee at Sorcery Soap™ is an artist and makes more beautiful creations than I could dream of.  But, she’s come up with this form of soap, and believes that people who use it will find their creativity come to life.  It’s hard not to believe her!  Maybe some of her magic dust will sprinkle on me and I’ll do something neat.  *fingerscrossed*

Thank you, Bee! 


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Really?! Again?!

She used to work here.  I called her my Sister from another mother, because we have the same Father … sorry, it’s a Believer thing.  🙂  She retired and moved away a few years ago.  She came back for a visit last week, the 2nd since she’s been gone.  I wanted to take her a gift.  I had one bar of yogurt soap left.  I was going to take her something else, I mean, it was my last bar!  But, I grabbed it anyway and gave it to her.

She called me today.  I was so surprised!  She’s never called me before.

She said, “I had to call you and tell you, because I just felt like the Lord wanted me to tell you, honey you need to start selling your soap!”

I about fell on the floor.

I told her about the recent conversation I had with S–.  “Our S–?!  From the office?  He talked to you about your soap?”

I told her what he’d said and that I’d been praying about it because I wasn’t sure if this was something I should pursue or not.

She replied, “Well then I guess you just got your confirmation!”

I wish there was some way I could convey the heaps of blessing she just piled on me.


We were chatting about soaping, he had several questions, and then he asked, “So, you say you’d like to make this a business, what’s keeping you from making it a business?”

I kind of laughed.  “Well, you’ve seen my place!  Space, really, at the heart of it.  I just don’t have the room.  I could make soap all day long, but without a place to store it for drying, I just don’t know how I could make this more than a hobby.”

He replied, “What if I could get you the space?”