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This Isn’t About Football

This is an awesome story! ❤ ~Vanessa

Space, Time, and Raspberries

Kicking Off (© 1973 United Feature Syndicate)

The current writing prompt is Kicking off. My response is below. I hope you’ll take a look at the others over at Writers Co-op. They range from thoughtfully instructive to historically fictional to tragically comical and just plain fanciful. What would you have written? The next prompt is:


What would you do with that? I hope you’ll give it a try. Your entry is due by Monday, March 7, 2022. Submission guidelines are easy: any genre, approximately 6-1,000 words. Send as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf attached to an email addressed to me at Please do join us. We are planning on publishing an anthology for which each author chooses two or three of their own favorite submissions.

And please share our posts with your family and friends.

All You Have to Do

by S.T. Ranscht

It began as…

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Up Until Christmas – Christmas Favourites Blogging Challenge

via Up Until Christmas – Christmas Favourites Blogging Challenge

Follow the link above, watch the video, sit back and enjoy.  You’ll be glad you did!  🙂

ps – it’s only like 3-4 mins.


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21 Gifts That Will Make Introverts Say ‘It Me’

Saw this in my feed, thought you might get a chuckle.  🙂 ~Vanessa

Here are 21 gifts from our store that we think will make introverts say “it me.” Your purchase directly supports this blog and community. The post 21 Gifts That Will Make Introverts Say ‘It Me’ appeared first on Introvert, Dear.

Source: 21 Gifts That Will Make Introverts Say ‘It Me’

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10/10/10 – new format to our nablopomo

Shaking things up with the Poblanos! C’mon, join in! You can do this! ❤


November is just around the corner, and while many of our writer friends will be participating in NaNoWriMo (congrats, y’all, and good luck!) — some of us will be doing what we do.

Running our yearly blog-marathon for National Blog Posting Month.

We call itNanoPoblano … And Team Tiny Peppers… or Cheer Peppers. Whatever you call us, the important things are that we try together, and we would love if you joined us!

Normally National Blog Posting Month means we write a post a day, for the whole month– but this year, we’re shaking things up! We’re trying to make this a comprehensive blog challenge, complete with a ready-made community.

We’re challenging our team to 10 days of posts, 10 days of reading/commenting, and 10 days of sharing posts through any other platform.

Obviously, you’re still welcome to tackle this challenge however you’d like. Team Tiny Peppers is known for…

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Starting Motivation

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I Have a ‘Thinking’ Personality

No, I’m Not Cold and Emotionless. I Have a ‘Thinking’ Personality.

Oh goodness, this is so me! ~Vanessa

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Give Back Sorcery Soap Contest and Sorcery Coupon – Sorcery Soap™

There’s still time to win, if you hurry! ~Vanessa

After so much outstanding support from Soap Witches and Soap Sisters, Sorcery Soap is giving back to you! Win $100 worth of Sorcery Products!                                                                 …

Source: Give Back Sorcery Soap Contest and Sorcery Coupon – Sorcery Soap™

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Why Every Mom Needs

What she said! ~Vanessa


The evening before, I’d watched from the kitchen window as my son roamed the overgrown field in our backyard and proudly picked a handful of golden blooms. He’d sniffed the silky petals with an appreciative nod, then he’d marched inside and asked me for a shoebox, some tape and a roll of aluminum foil.

Source: Why Every Mom Needs a Bouquet of Dead Flowers This Mother’s Day — Proverbs 31 Ministries Devotions