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The Secret to Happiness Only Takes One Minute a Day


In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Emmons found that when people kept a gratitude journal, they were happier. So much happier, in fact, after a month of daily journaling, they showed a 10 percent increase on subjective happiness—that’s the same jump in happiness you’d expect if you doubled your income. 

The Secret to Happiness Only Takes One Minute a Day


A great habit to get into for the new year!  🙂

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Ultimate Photography Bundle 2017

I know a lot of you like photography, and when I saw this offer in my email, I thought maybe some of you might be interested.  I’ve gotten bundles from this place before on other topics and they’re a pretty good deal.  So, if you’re interested, you have about a day left to sign up for this! 

❤ ❤ ~Vanessa

Ultimate Photography Bundle 2017


Main body camera

32 top-notch photographers

main body tag2

10 eCourses

Main body ebook

16 eBooks

Main Body paintbrush

11 Tools

Main Body Playbutton

4 Videos

Main Body Present

$336 in Bonuses

Ultimate Photography Bundle 2017

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Stunned researchers discover that the impact of walking

(Natural News) It’s spring time, with summer on the horizon, and many people are looking to get in shape, get back in shape, or just simply get outside and get some fresh air daily. There are several benefits to going for a brisk walk, especially in the morning, some of which you may not realize….

Stunned researchers discover that the impact of walking dramatically boosts blood flow to the brain, boosting cognitive function

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EMNR Conference

FYI, for those who might be interested.  Smile

EMNR Conference

(Evangelical Ministries to New Religions)

The EMNR Conference will be in the Chicago area this year on May 13-14, 2016:

For more information, schedule and registration go to the EMNR website. The workshops (at least 20) should be finalized and uploaded sometime this week. We are excited that the Illinois Family Institute is promoting the conference.

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Networking Tips for Introverts

I saw this article in an email newsletter I get, and I thought it worth passing along.  It’s targeted at people in business situations, but I thought some of the tips could be applied to any social situation, for instance, a party your neighbor invited you to.  (or, for the grammar police, a party to which your neighbor invited you.)  Parties generally aren’t very fun for us introverted types.  Small parties maybe, where we already know everyone, but not big parties with lots of unknown people.  Scary!  And scary is pretty exhausting.  So, having tips and a plan can be useful, because generally, “introverts” and “networking” don’t get along very well.  Winking smile  Which is probably part of why we blog – it’s a safer and less scary form of networking. 

Networking Tips for Introverts

If you’ve used any of these ideas, or have others you’d like to share, sound off! 

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10 Ways to

Work Through Grief Triggers During the Holidays

A year after losing her sister, it’s time to face another holiday. Here’s how one woman is dealing with the loss and finding joy again

10 Ways to Work Through Grief Triggers During the Holidays

I know this is not a typical or “pleasant” topic just before Christmas, but I think it’s necessary.  Lots and lots of people are really hurting right now, their hurt is magnified during the Christmas Season and often it’s hard for them to talk about it.  I think it’s so easy to be dismissive and want to just encourage people to cheer up because after all, ‘Tis the Season and all that, but it’s not so easy.  No one wants to be hurting or grieving or struggling with depression or whatever else it is that’s painful for them.  Sometimes life is hard, sometimes it just sucks.  For those we can’t help, we can pray for.  And if you’re one such person, perhaps the article linked above might offer you some suggestions for coping. 

In the meantime, know that I am praying for you. 

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Microsoft and OneDrive storage

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, that Microsoft has discontinued unlimited OneDrive storage.  Honestly, I didn’t even know that was an option.  What I did know was that a couple of years ago, Microsoft had some promotions where you could add 15GB of storage to your OneDrive if you used it as camera roll storage from your phone, and another 15GB for something else I can’t recall.  They had a few promotions going on after they changed the name from SkyDrive to OneDrive. 

Recently, Microsoft has been doing some revamping of some of their products, OneDrive being one of them.  As I said, they’ve discontinued the unlimited storage, and are planning on doing away with whatever extra storage perks you may have gotten, whether through the camera roll upgrade or something else.  They are going to eliminate that extra storage as of Jan 1st, 2016 and drop it down to the default 5GB.  If you’ve gotten that bonus storage in the past, and want to keep it, you need to read the article linked below and click the link provided in it. 

Thought you’d want to know.  Smile

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Microsoft will let you keep your free 15GB of OneDrive storage, if you claim it | PCWorld

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Free Shipping Day 2014: The Official Site for Free Shipping Day on Dec. 18

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift?  Free Shipping Day

I have to pass this on because I think it’s such a great deal – December 18 is “free shipping day,” so if you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, here’s your chance to still get them with free shipping.  Just click the link to find out more!

Merry Christmas!

Free Shipping Day 2014: The Official Site for Free Shipping Day on Dec. 18.

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