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Sad Day For Music

Has anyone else noticed that Miss Aretha, and Elvis, “left the building” on the same day? 

The Queen of Soul – Aug 16, 2018

The King of Rock and Roll – Aug 16, 1977


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Pioneer Cabin Tree

Aw man!  😦  RIP Tree!  Your pictures always made me smile!

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A park volunteer found the collapsed iconic tree on Sunday, Jan. 8. (Facebook photo/Calaveras Big Trees Association/Jim Allday)

The tree was a popular tourist site since the 1880s when a group of pioneers carved out the center. It became an iconic part of the state park. Until recently, cars were allowed to drive through.

Jim Allday, a park volunteer, found the collapsed tree on Sunday as a major storm barreled over central and northern California.

cabin treeA healthy Pioneer Cabin tree stands in Calaveras Big Trees State Park. (Photo/Amber Rack)

Source: Iconic 1,000-year-old Pioneer Cabin tree collapses as deadly storm blasts California

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Congratulations Cubs Fans!

My upstairs neighbors jumped, and I’m starting to hear fireworks.  I’m guessing Chicago won the Series?  LOL

And this is how history is made.  🙂


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In Memorial

I didn’t even know it was scheduled.  I was consumed with preparations for my wedding that upcoming weekend and hadn’t kept up with the news in weeks.  My boss blurted out, “The Challenger exploded!” when I came back from my lunch break.  Like an idiot, and an eloquent one at that, I responded, “Huh?”

“The Challenger!  The space shuttle with the teacher!  It exploded!”

The light dawned then.  Oh boy, did it ever.

We didn’t have a television at our little workplace, but when I got home and turned it on, the video was splashed everywhere, on all the networks, played over and over and over again.  The image of the explosion was all over the newspaper and magazines, everywhere you turned for the next weeks, it seemed like that’s all there was to see in the media.  It was horrible.  I could not imagine being a loved one of one of the crew members who’d died, and having to live with that imagery constantly on display in the aftermath of the disaster.  The whole event still brings tears to my eye, even today, exactly 30 years later.  That vivid picture, that awful scene of the Y-smoke is burned into the minds of many, myself included. 

It is a Day of Remembrance for NASA.  Many astronauts have been lost during this week over the years.  It’s a very good week for launching missions. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of those lost.

Families, NASA honor fallen astronauts on 30th anniversary of Challenger disaster – CBS News

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Devastated the Nation 30 Years Ago – NBC News

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Amazon to Begin Selling Books


The titles in Amazon’s bookstore will be offered at the same price as those online. But in addition to books, shoppers at Amazon’s bookstore will also get to peruse the company’s devices, including Kindles, the Echo, the Fire TV, and Fire Tablets.

Amazon to begin selling books — in its own bookstore

So, this is pretty cool, I thought.  And amusing too, in a way.  After all the flap that Amazon has gotten about, “They’re killing the book industry!” they go and open a bookstore, thereby proving how they are SO not killing the book industry. 

For the record, I love Amazon, and I love what they’ve done for reading. and for writers like my husbandAmazon hasn’t killed publishing, the publishing industry is that doing that to itself, all by itself, but that’s a story for another post on other blogs.  [Namely A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing and Kristine Kathryn Rusch – Writer, Editor, Reader, Fan Girl]  I thought it was so awesome to see that Amazon is going to open its own bookstore.  For those folks who love the tactile experience of reading, and the smells of bookstores, what a boon!  I hope it takes off like a rocket! 

How about you?  Are you an e-reader type or are you a bound-book reader?  I think I’m probably about 90% e-reader.  There are a few things I like printed, like my Bible, and textbook type things, and I like to print up recipes because I don’t want to use my device in the kitchen.  But for the most part, once I discovered the Kindle App on my first smartphone, I haven’t looked back.  You know, because my nose was buried in the Kindle … *nyucknyucknyuckrimshot*  Sorry!  lol 

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Housewife’s Sandwich Day

Apparently this is a day for my husband and for me!  He adores sandwiches, and I am a housewife.  Score for both of us then, lol. 

I think my favorite must be grilled ham and Swiss … or roast beef … or liverwurst with lots of lettuce and mayo.  What’s your favorite sandwich?  Will you make one to “celebrate the day”? 

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National Sandwich Day - November 3

National Sandwich Day – November 3


National Sandwich Day is observed annually on November 3. The sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he was the inventor of the sandwich.  This day honors one of America’s most popular lunch items.

Use #NationalSandwichDay to post on social media.

National Housewife’s Day - November 3

National Housewife’s Day – November 3


Each year on November 3, millions of people across the country observe National Housewife’s Day.  This day was created to make the day a special one for the stay-at-home mom. Taking care of the children and the home is a 24/7 job that sometimes does not get the thank you that is much deserved.

Use #NationalHousewife’sDay to post on social media.

November 3, 2015 – NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY – NATIONAL HOUSEWIFE’S DAY | National Day Calendar

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Amazon Sues 1,114 People For ‘Fake’ Reviews

Online retail giant Amazon is suing more than 1,000 people it accuses of writing fake reviews on its website.According to court papers filed for the lawsuit, Amazon says its brand reputation is being tarnished by “false, misleading and inauthentic” reviews.

Source: Amazon Sues 1,114 People For ‘Fake’ Reviews

I was actually glad to see this article in my news feed today.  I’m glad to see Amazon taking a pro-active stance on protecting the review process.  I know I, and lots of others, check reviews before buying things to see what other people have to say about products.  False reviews are like false advertising and should be squelched in any legitimate marketplace.

I kind of hope they find the companies that are actually the ones paying for fake reviews and remove their products from the Amazon store, as well as the individuals doing it.  If they have to lie to try to get our business, then I don’t want them having my business.

Thank you, @Amazon.


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Happy Birthday Constitution!

We the People. 

Three little words I love to hear.  🙂  They begin one of the greatest documents in history. 

Today is the birthday of the United States Constitution.  It is 228 years old today, and means just as much now as it did then.  Age has only added to its beauty.  🙂 

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

File:Constitution of the United States, page 1.jpg


Image of Constitution courtesy of: United States Constitution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For a printable copy: Transcript of the Constitution of the United States – Official Text

To make your own booklet: Constitution Booklet: Free Printable Pocket Constitution Booklets

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