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What’s Your Birth Color?

Your Birth Color is Olive If there was a theme for your life, it would be ‘awakening.’ You’re constantly becoming more aware, awake, and alive.
Your time on this planet has been one of change, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You like who you were, who you’ve become, and what you’re turning into.

You are constantly learning in your life. You are big on gaining skills and knowledge, even if they aren’t career related.
You find a lot of meaning in this world, and the more you learn, the more meaning you find. You are receptive to new ideas.

You are an independent thinker and a very intelligent being. You don’t have dogma or rigidity slowing you down.
You are often content, exuberant, or downright thrilled. There’s so much in this world to get excited about.


Olive?!  Hmm.  No offense to olive lovers out there, but it’s not in my Top 10 most favorite colors.  And, frankly, not a big fan of change either.  Maybe I should retake this quiz!  lol

Have an epic weekend!

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