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December 26

Birthday thoughts about my late husband

Remembering Dane Tyler

In twenty-one years of marriage, he only let me make him a birthday cake once, for a milestone birthday, and even then it wasn’t a cake, but a pie, a homemade version of a French Silk pie. 

My husband hated his birthday.  The day after Christmas, he often felt as an “afterthought” as a boy.  As a man, things like the JonBenet Ramsey murder, and the tsunamis of 2004 that killed nearly a quarter-million people gave him a very negative view.  “It’s just a bad day all the way around and I don’t want to celebrate it,” he’d tell me.  Once, we were in the grocery store around his birthday time and from behind me, he caught me glancing at cake mixes out of the corner of my eye.  How he saw I have no idea but he exclaimed, “Don’t even think about it!”  The kids could make cards for…

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The Holiday Scene Test

Your Ideal Holiday Scene is Contemplative

You have as much fun as anyone during the holidays, but you don’t think the holidays are purely for entertainment.
Whenever possible, you try to take time to reflect on the true meaning of the season – whether that happens to be religious, spiritual, or philosophical for you.
You love to see how the holidays bring out the best in people, including yourself. It gives you hope for humanity.
If you could have anything this season, it would just be a more considerate and compassionate world. You think we owe it to each other.

This is one of the results from the quiz, The Holiday Scene Test


More considerate – yes, more kind.  Always, but especially this year.  ❤

Have an epic weekend!

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