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November 7, 1998

Remembering my husband on our wedding anniversary. ❤

November 7, 1998

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What Modern Thanksgiving Food Are You?

You Are Pumpkin Soup

You love holiday traditions of all kinds. You love an old fashioned Thanksgiving, but you do try to update it a little.
You are a very warm and welcoming person. You take extra care this time of year to make sure people feel loved.
You are a low key person. You don’t expect much from the world, and you enjoy whatever comes your way. You go with the tide.
You are unpretentious and don’t think of yourself as anything special. But the people who know you think you’re one of a kind!

This is one of the results from the quiz, What Modern Thanksgiving Food Are You?


Love traditions but for Thanksgiving, our tradition has been to be untraditional.  My husband and I aren’t big turkey fans.  One year we had tacos for Thanksgiving!  He starts suggesting Thanksgiving menus about 8 mos in advance, lol.

Have an awesome weekend!

ps – doesn’t that pumpkin soup look delicious?  I’ve never had it and now I want to try it, lol. 

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