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What Crappy Halloween Treat Do You Hate Most?

You Hate Toothbrushes
Not every day of course, but there’s nothing worse than getting a toothbrush for Halloween.
You believe that Halloween is a time for fun, and you don’t want it be ruined by a severe slap of responsibility.

Of course you’ll brush your teeth. You don’t need a stranger to remind you of dental hygiene.
But before you brush your teeth, you’ll eat enough candy to give a dentist nightmares. Hey, it only happens once a year… so you’ll treat yourself.


Yes!  Oh my gosh I hate that!  One year, one of the houses my kids went to was where a dentist lived and he handed out tooth brushes.  I didn’t say anything but I couldn’t help but think, “Dude, from a business standpoint, that’s not the best Halloween choice!  You could have had a ton more customers!”  😉

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2 thoughts on “What Crappy Halloween Treat Do You Hate Most?

  1. I got the same answer. We never got toothbrushes, and I’d be disappointed if we did. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this year we’re not doing anything.


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