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That’ll be fine

A recent transplant to the mountains of North Carolina writes: The folks around these parts have a peculiarity that drives me nutty. You ask them an “either/or” question, and their answer is– “That’ll be fine!”

I asked a lady the other night who was coming through my register at Wal-Mart, “Ma’am, would you like your milk in a bag or not?”

“That’ll be fine,” was her reply.

I looked quizzically at her, and asked, “Does that mean ‘yes’ or ‘no’?”

“I said that that’ll be fine,” was her answer. Since I was holding it up in my hand, out of a bag, I decided to assume that “that” in this case meant “that naked jug of milk that you’re holding in your hand, not in a bag.”

This feeling was further reinforced by a slight nod of the head towards the jug just as she said the word “that’ll.” I set the jug in the buggy without putting it in a sack.

“I said I wanted it in a bag,” she complained. “You want me to shout it or write it down for you?

“That’ll be fine!” I replied.


This one always cracks me up!  I’ve known people like that!  lol

Have a lovely weekend!

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Hebrews 11:1

Hebrews 11:1“[Faith in Action] Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

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The Ice Cream Truck Test

You Are Conscientious

You are a very meticulous and careful. You have an eye for detail, and you don’t gloss over anything important.
Unsurprisingly, you are also highly ambitious. You want to be your best you possible, and you’d like the rewards that come with that.
You live a disciplined life, and you love it. You get more done on a Monday morning than most people get done all week.
Whenever possible, you try to take the prudent road in life. You feel like too much risk is hard to manage.
You are the type of person who tends to persevere. When everyone else has given up, you’re still fighting the good fight.
You are highly realistic and down to earth. You are willing to take a long, hard look at any problem and do what needs to be done to solve it.

This is one of the results from the quiz, The Ice Cream Truck Test


Heh.  Not nearly as disciplined as I’d like to be. 

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A Hole in One

The rabbi was an avid golfer and played at every opportunity. He was so addicted to the game that if he didn’t play he would get withdrawal symptoms. One Yom Kippur the rabbi thought to himself, “What’s it going to hurt if I go out during the recess and play a few rounds. Nobody will be the wiser, and I’ll be back in time for services.”

Sure enough, at the conclusion of the morning service, the rabbi snuck out of the synagogue and headed straight for the golf course. Looking down upon the scene were Moses and G-d.

Moses said, “Look how terrible—a Jew on Yom Kippur. And a rabbi besides!”

G-d replied, “Watch. I’m going to teach him a lesson.”

Out on the course, the rabbi stepped up to the first tee. When he hit the ball, it careened off a tree, struck a rock, skipped across a pond and landed in the hole for a HOLE IN ONE!

Seeing all this, Moses protested: “G-d, this is how you’re going to teach him a lesson? He got a hole in one!”

“Sure,” said G-d, “but who’s he going to tell?”


I love this one!  I can just see the Lord doing something like that, too.  😉  lol

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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Happy Pepper Day

It’s Pepper Day! 

And I forgot, until I saw a WordPress notice, from the lovely Rarasaur, and I was reminded.

Here I am on Pepper Day, with everything to say.

And nothing to say.

It’s like that space I fall into whenever I touch my husband’s things.  I fear I am going to hyperventilate and I fear I am going to stop breathing, at the same time.  I don’t know how I exist in this space.

The words travel through me and around me, in and out of me, in front of and behind me, and stay stuck inside me at the same time. 

The memories swirl through my space and time and collide with dreams we had of the future and there are moments it’s hard to detangle them one from another. 

Grief is old, as old as time, and fresh every moment of every day.  I could count the days since he’s been gone, but why?  Every day is an eternity, and every moment is but a blink, and how do you count that? 

I’m okay, really, and I’ll never be okay again.  That’s the honest truth.  There’s a new Normal in town and I don’t know how I exist in this space.


I’ve been connecting with my older girls so that’s been super nice.  They came out for my husband’s memorial and have been incredibly supportive.  I’m actually considering taking my first oldest up on her offer to move closer to her – she lives in Ohio.  I’ve been working a few days a week for a couple from church, helping them with their “side-hustle” business and that’s been good.  Also interviewed for a full-time job for another place but haven’t heard back yet on that one.  And working on boosting my soaping business and getting my men’s line off the ground.  Been trying to spend more time with my younger two.  They’re not clingy, but they do miss their dad and I think it helps when we have meals together and just spend time talking.  They seem to like hanging with me, imagine that!  lol  “Teens like hanging with their mother, film at 11” 

We’ve been comet watching, too.  I found us a spot to drive out to so we can see and that’s been really special. 

So my WordPress neglect hasn’t been on purpose and I apologize for how long it’s taking me to respond to comments.  I will get there, I promise! 

That’s how I am on Pepper Day. 

How about you?

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Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41:10“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

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