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Chewing the Fat

Have you ever had a January start out so rough that it felt like the whole year was doomed?

I’ve kind of had a January like that. 

I think I’ve spent more time in bed trying to recover than I’ve spent doing anything else.  If it hasn’t been one thing, it’s been another.

Thankfully, I’ve had my blog on auto-pilot and had some posts already up, but I do have a lot to catch up on in the blogosphere.

One tiny bright spot though, I did manage to finish rendering my bacon fat.  Now, that may not seem like much to you, but  you reach for any silver lining you can find sometimes and it’s nice to check a box on my “done” list, so I’m claiming it.  🙂

There’s nothing like a plate of eggs cooked in bacon butter to make a body feel better. 

And how has your 2020 been so far?

Love, Vanessa



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How Should You Stay Warm?

You Should Stay Warm by Bundling Up

You are a rational and logical person. You are good at solving problems.
So if you’re cold, it makes sense to just put another layer on. You are very practical that way.
You are rarely unprepared in life. You would never forget your gloves and hat on a cold day.
You’re ready for anything that comes your way. By being responsible, you find it easy to relax and enjoy life.



This is one of the results from the quiz, How Should You Stay Warm?


Thank goodness for furry, fuzzy blankets!

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