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2019 NanoPoblano Post #6

Here’s an aspect of brain dumping I forgot to mention in my last post – brain dumping for creativity!  Now, before I started making soap, I would have told you that I was the least creative person on the planet.  My whole life, to that point, was spent being the bookkeeper type.  Can’t sing, can’t draw, can’t do anything creative.  But then I discovered soap making and my creative heart felt like it was going to explode from all those years of being dormant.  Now, I try to find articles that teach how to be more creative, how to tap into that secret internal well.  Believe it or not, one of the ways to do it, is to journal. 

You may have heard of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages.  Her belief is that if you spew all that brain junk into a journal first thing in the morning, that it clears out those creativity paths and helps your brain tap into more creative areas.  Personally, I like the theory.  My problem is, I’m not really good at mornings.  My eyes can barely focus, let alone focus on a page.  My hands can’t make a fist, let alone grip a pen.  As for writing things – well, my most coherent morning thought is, “Huh?”  I need a looooong wake-up time.  I’m like an old computer with a very slow boot-up. 

I’ve been thinking of adding my own spin to Morning Pages, and calling it my Diurnal Journal, if I decide to do it during the day, or my Nocturnal Journal, if I decide to do it at night before bed.  I haven’t decided.  Maybe both?  Five minutes here, five there, keep things flowing. 

Another aspect of this kind of journaling, in addition to the “Stream of Consciousness” type, is the “List of 100.”  It’s like brainstorming on steroids.  For instance, 100 things you can add to soap, GO!  The fun will start when you get past the traditional answers and start looking outside the box for things.  The purpose is to get your creative brain out of its comfort zone, to stretch that creative muscle.  It doesn’t matter how silly the ideas might seem in the moment, write them down.  You can go back later and decide if the idea has merit from a practical standpoint, or if it’s something you can build on.

The purpose for both of these exercise is to let your creativity out to play, to have freedom to explore ideas, no matter how silly or crazy they might seem.  This kind of journal is the playground for your creative brain. 

Do you have a creativity journal?




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