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Happy Birthday!

Somehow, even though he was born just a few months ago (surely it’s only been a few months!) my son is turning eighteen today.  I have a mama’s pride in him, I admit, but he’s one of the funniest and smartest people I know. 



To give you a small example from a few weeks ago:

son: Do you have any questions of the universe you need answered, mom?
me: You’ve got it all figured out, have you?
son: I think I do. (said seriously to goad his mom)
me: Well, you’re doing better at almost 18 than I did! (laughing)
son: So, questions?
me: How come, at my age, I don’t know myself better? (This’ll stump him, haha!)
son: Because life’s not about knowing yourself, it’s about knowing others.

Check. Mate. 


From the beginning I have said we’re lucky he lets us raise him. 


And if I don’t stop walking down memory lane, and wipe these mama-tears away, it’ll be another 18 years before I get his cake decorated! 

Happy Birthday, Beautiful BoyYoung Man!  I could not be more proud of you and thankful for the chance to be your mom!  I love you!

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