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2019 NanoPoblano Post #4

You may have noticed in my last post, that I mentioned Rocketbook in the list of links.  I don’t know if you are familiar with this little gem of a book. I fell in love with it a few years ago during a kickstarter campaign I saw, and my husband got me one of their books for a birthday.  The thing that’s cool about Rocketbook is that you write in it like normal, but then you can capture your writing digitally and send it to the cloud of your choice to be saved.  You can then erase the notebook and re-use it.  The notebook I have (Wave) can be erased entirely in one fell swoop in the microwave.  Newer books can be erased a page at a time using a spritz of water and a microfiber cloth.  They also  have a new version that is pre-formatted similarly to many planners.   I’ve seen planners on the market that go for upwards of $60.  And some people get a new one every year.  Imagine one book, that lasts for years!  Imagine getting one notebook to use as a journal, and then not having to figure out where you’re going to put your collection of notebooks when you’re done with them.   Wouldn’t that have its own kind of freedom?  No stacks of notebooks to lug around every time you move, or figure out where you’re going to store them.  One notebook.  Every entry written by hand, saved to the cloud.   Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Another aspect to saving your entries to the cloud is privacy.  Unless someone knows your passwords, it would be very difficult for them to access your journal.  And once you scan an entry, it’s saved, so even if you lost your notebook at that point, you’d still have all your entries digitally preserved.   I read one story of a young lady who lost her journal while traveling overseas, so all her travel memories were lost to her.  I would be crushed if something like that happened to me. 

Journal keeping is all about what works best for you, so having lots of options is important, in my opinion.  There’s a little something for pretty much everyone.  Sometimes, utilizing more than a single option works best, too. 

Have you heard of, or used, Rocketbook?  Would you?



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