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Are You a Diary or a Journal?

You Are a Private Journal

Journaling is something you take pretty seriously. For you, it’s a form of reflection and self-growth.
You aren’t the type to delight in a daily diary, but you do turn to your journal when you need to work out a problem or issue.
In fact, your journal may not even include much of the day’s events. You write more about feelings and ideas.
Through writing, you are able to analyze and work through what is going on in your life. You may even get a few insights as well.
You believe that your journal should be your own private business. It’s where you share things that you would never tell the world.
You guard your journal with your life, and you’re willing to destroy it before letting it fall into the wrong hands.


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This is my goal, yes, to journal more.  And yes it must be private!   

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2019 NanoPoblano Post #3

Nearly everything I’ve read about journaling mentions that writing by hand is the best way to go.  Okay, I get it.  Improves memory, unleashes creativity, eases anxiety, and the list goes on.  Sometimes though, it’s simply not practical in that moment to sit down with paper and pen/cil to write in a journal.  Sometimes you need the flexibility that the digital age offers.  I mean, we’re in it now, might as well take advantage when we need to, right? 

While typing on a device is hard for me, there are times when it can really come in handy.  For instance, I’m lying in bed and I remember there was something I wanted to jot down.  Well, I’m not going to get back up to do it!  Grabbing my phone or tablet is so much more convenient and it just simply gets the job done. 

I’ve tried a lot of journal apps.  I’m kind of the App Queen at my house, lol.  I have tried all but one of the apps listed below.  All have free versions, some have pay upgrades.  Some include habit/mood trackers, like Daylio.  Some are writing prompts.  Some, like WriteADay, are just for making quick “log entries,” others are for making longer, more detailed entries.  Some, you can even add pictures.  Some have sharing capabilities.  It just depends on what you’re looking for.

My personal favorites are WriteADay, Daylio, Diarium, Cozi, and WordPress.

It might seem strange to include WordPress on this list, but here’s why I added it.  You can create a separate, private journaling blog.  If you go to Dashboard==>>Settings==>>Reading you can set up a free blog so that it’s totally private and seen only by you.  There’s an app for any and all your devices, you can use it on a computer, you can add pictures, everything is dated, you can have your location added automatically if you’re out and about, you can personalize the look of it, it will sync across all your devices, it’s free, you can print hard copies of your entries if you’d like, and you can share a post with a friend if you want.  You can even draft posts while offline on the mobile apps.  It’s ideal for journaling.

There are so many journaling options now, so many ways for “uncloggin’ your noggin’” that it almost adds its own kind of anxiety to journaling.  So many choices!  Ben Franklin had a quill and parchment.  We have a cornucopia of journaling riches.  Try one.  Try  them all! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Journal Apps for Android

Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker

Cozi Family Organizer

Writeaday: Minimalist Journal

Diarium — Private Diary / Daily Journal

Dreamie Planner

Joy Calendar – Todo list, Task List, Reminder

Journal it!

Better Diary (Journal, notes)

Diary Book – Journal With Lock, Photos, Themes (have not tried this one but it did get good reviews)

Day One Journal

WordPress – Website & Blog Builder



I’m an Android girl, but I did find many of these apps also had iOS versions, for those of you who are Apple fans.  🙂

Daylio Journal

‎Cozi Family Organizer

‎Diarium — Journal / Diary

Day One – The award-winning journal app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


‎Rocketbook App


Below are prompts apps for longhand writing on paper

Paperblanks® Journal Prompts

‎Paperblanks® Journal Prompts




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