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Armed Forces Day

Thank You

To All Who Serve!

Armed Forces Day (4)

With Love,


For more information: Armed Forces Day

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What Kind of Essential Oil Are You?

You Are a Balancing Essential Oil

Achieving a balance in all aspects of your life is a priority for you. You don’t want to burn out.
You practice moderation as much as you can. You are turned off by extremism, even in yourself.

You help others see the bigger picture. You appreciate intense focus, but you think it can be damaging if people lack perspective.
You believe in the interconnectedness of life. Nothing exists in a vacuum. We have to weigh things against each other.

Your secret for living a balanced life is to just slow down and notice everything. Rushed people can’t be balanced.
Balanced essential oils that fit you perfectly are: rose, sandalwood, geranium, and sage.

Yeah, balance is good, because falling down is not.  😉  Seriously though, this one is fairly accurate.  🙂

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